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Ethics, values, behaviours, content, are going to be the kings tomorrow, are the kings already now. Tomorrow people will be looking for something crucial and sustainable. People want something essential. The clients, the customers will want to feel unique and universal. Tomorrow the relationship will have to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and Big Data are going to be extremely usefull tomorrow. Extremely usefull. To know exactly who are your clients, to get a much deepeer relationship with them. People are loosing references, so they are looking for new ones. Banking was totally unable in the last years to be trusted and shared. So, many corporations and companies played this game, cheating clients, and when they got you it's too late. So, don't play games with customers, because you may crack. Digital is just an environment, technology is just a tool. The real revolution tomorrow is the evolution of consciousness. People. I see a big change, that now from capitalism we are moving into entrepreneurism. The new businesses are driven by individuals, entrepeneurs. Bill Gates created a whole company [ODM: the self doing generation] the self motivation. Earlier it was business entrepeneur, then it became social entrepreneur or think better for the society and today is the age for spiritual entrepeneur who wants to become a better person. Ideas are there, and what the new one has done for us, is connectivity. So they come across other brilliant minds, so the players, the real resource is human capital. Human capital, the model is entrepeneurialism, the players are citizens or individuals, and they want to perform, but they have a purpose in mind. And the purpose is what I describe as significance, the purpose they have in mind is how we make this world a better place. For us is all about me and you. I believe is just a matter of connection. So we can get the result only through people. So the last years we organized 2020 events on the field with customers. Free events. We didn't talk at all about products, about services. We just talked about values. Actually, we didn't talk. We organized events like that with people extremely famous who incarnate in their own life, values. 35.000 people just met on field talking about values. You might say "Hey, what's behind?" Where is the trick? There is no trick! There is a need to be true, to be helpful, to be inspiring, to be necessary, to be kind.

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Posted by: gabriella61 on Sep 29, 2015


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