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Newlyweds Diary Episode 1 [SUBBING IN PROGRESS]

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Honey Come here Yes I'm here! Ah, I don't know where S Bank is located at ... If that's the case, Try calling 114 (Korea Information Service) to ask them Yes, are there any other banks that are nearer here? Are there any that is 30 minutes from here? There's a lot near Kangwon area. Aren't there any nearer ones? It's okay even if we have to walk an hour there ... You can go to Chonchok ... Chonchok? Yangyang ... Yangyang ... It's 100km from here ... We're in trouble aren't we? We're in trouble. If that's the case shouldn't we open (a new account at) a local bank Thank you. What time is it? Time for excitement (pun) Sir? Yes, sorry. I'm ending the call now. Sorry. Ah, seriously. Why didn't it hang up? Time for excitement .. Your face is turning red now. She suddenly said, "Sir?" Sir? Honey, look at the snow. It's snow. Honey, let's go. We're gonna be late for our trip. We got married 7 months ago and we are now newlyweds. Chapter 1: Why did we come here? Your first encounter? It was when we first filmed this drama called Blood together. Our first encounter was at the cast meeting. Before the script reading, the director and the cast had a meal together. And she was sitting beside me. I just knew that he was young. He seemed like a kid to me. I was thinking, "Wouldn't we have a 10 years age gap?" Maybe it's me who misunderstood but he was staring at me endlessly. I would just take a look at him and he would just be staring at me I felt so embarrassed. I was thinking, "Why is he like that?" From the start, my eyes were already shooting out hearts. Was it obvious? I couldn't ... I just couldn't hide it. When she's just sitting beside me, I thought if I covered the mic, I wouldn't be heard. So I went "You're really pretty" but I guess everyone ... everyone heard it. My manager thought that I was feeling uncomfortable so he kept blocking the view on purpose. I don't like this hard-working manager! He works too hard. He won't be of much help in my life. A handsome man is looking at me, I had no reason to dislike it. There may be something coming out of this, why does he keep on blocking me? First kiss? In the car. We did it in her car. It was on the day of the kiss scene ... before we shot it. I remember getting out of the car going, "Are you crazy? Are you crazy?" Who came out of the car? I did. Weren't you the one who initiated the kiss? No, it was her. Ah, so you were kissed. I just went for it. First kiss ... It was our first kiss. I told him to come to my car I just went for it as soon as he entered the car. She didn't say anything ... So it was sudden? Yeah, she didn't make conversation at all. To me it was like ... a fantasy. I was thinking, "Is this reality? What is this?" Jaehyun kept saying it was like a dream to him He probably watched a lot of porn. "Just like that, on 21 May 2016, they became husband and wife!" I didn't know what I prepared. I'll eat this well. No really, I didn't know what I was preparing. Back when we were dating, Jaehyun was watching TV and OokBoDan (19+ rated show) was on. So I said, "Were you watching this?" and he said he wasn't watching it. I said, "What is this?" and I decided to switch it off And the TV went, "Do you want to continue?" "Just like that she knew immediately ... "

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Posted by: yamyoongi on Feb 13, 2017

Hello guys!

I've been looking forward to watching this series ever since they released it. However, I realized that at this moment when I'm typing, there has not been subtitled videos out anywhere so I decided to create one myself because I know there are lots of international fans like me who have been looking forward to it!

Bear in mind that I am definitely not fluent in Korean because 1)I'm not Korean and 2)I've only started learning Korean for less than 10 months.

There are quite a lot of words (and sometimes even sentences) that I don't know, especially when they put it in written form because my vocabulary is non-existent.

Nevertheless, I hope you guys can enjoy it & maybe I'll be back with more videos if I can improve in my Korean!

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