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Teach you Design of: Procrasinate. Consequeces of 'I'm doomed, why bother..'

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Procrastination - The Design of Procrastination This is the design of procrastination, communicating about procrastination to procrastinate, is A 'trait', of 'the mind' which, manifests, 'delays' which manifests, 'waiting' procrastination is, leaving, something, to be done 'later' You know, when something is before you and you say: Nah! put it aside for now. I'll to get it later then! 'Time Goes By' Later on you'll realize: Oh my goodness! I've put this aside, this situation 'has changed' Now I have to get this done Now! Immediately! Quickly! Before, it is too late! and often, It 'is' too late. and, it get you into a spot of 'trouble', procrastination So why, does procrastination 'existed'? Procrastination is a state, in a trait of the mind from perspective of 'not taking action immediately, in the moment', when the moment 'arrives' of something that is required to be done, or given direction to Thus procrastination, 'assists' the mind consciousness system, within human beings! to! guess what? 'remained', in the now, of the unified consciousness field because have a look: It assists and support the mind consciousness system, 'in remaining in the past' How does that work? You're- I am Here, this is 'a moment', Now! in this moment A person walks in and says: Here! is a post-it, with a phone number this person, 'asked you' to phone, immediate. You're busy working, you say: (take it) I'll Do That later. and, within that now this moment of the person that you're supposed to be, 'calling' Still existed in your mind, so If you 'allow and accept' that moment to 'pass', in saying: no no, I'll do that later It means that you are 'preoccupying your mind' in remaining in the past because Now! you're saying: I'll do that later, now you're moving on to the next moment but that 'next moment' is containing the moment of the past and thus, because you didn't do it immediately! and give the direction immediately So that in that moment, you 'apply' that moment, and when that moment is done of the phone call, you move into the 'next moment' You are 'taking that moment', into the next moment which is, you have now a moment and now you are stuck in a moment - in the past and 'so' this starts becoming 'a habit', of behavior! in human being's daily Lifes, bringing When the moment is Here to be given direction to 'immediately', to instantaneously act, to 'fulfill' this moment, so that you're able to continue in the 'next moment' - empty, cleared or the 'next placement' of, movement and direction within your world step forth You're taking a 'past moment', placing 'it' into a moment, and therefore you exist in the past which is referred to as 'the Now' of consciousness and thus just from 'that One moment', you have now 'placed yourself' within your mind consciousness system, into the unified consciousness field - of the Now! As experiencing a moment here in the past and so you start accumulating these moment until you 'eventually later' you go: Oh my goodness! I've to phone this person. and when you 'do' eventually find this person, only then! do you move out. Now during that period of time, you've existed 'in that moment' (inner) because you didn't give that moment direction Therefore, you've missed, possibly 'most definitely' - many other 'opportunities' for moments, in your world, to participate direct and experience yourself within. Thus, human beings when 'something Arrives in your moment' give it, attention! and direction, immediately! Act! and get it done in that moment because, you're Here in your moment working there is a being coming in to your moment, now this is 'one moment' Then! as the being comes, says: Do this! this is now before you in your moment, you give it 'immediate' direction, thus move on to the next moment, and thus remaining Here! as, 'who you are' in every moment of every breathe, because if you don't do that! and you say: I'll do that later!! and "procrastinate"! you 'give up that moment', exist in a 'past moment', within a moment! in the 'now' of the unified consciousness field! existing in the 'past'. Human beings, 'do not procrastinate' because from procrastination, 'laziness is born'. and then! you develop a habit and a behavior of, 'procrastinating constantly and continuously' and do not give you direction! Immediately! Instantaneously! in that moment and then! it leads to not having self-discipline, then it leads to not having self-motivation then it lead to not having, 'self-will' and eventually! If you, allow and accept yourself to 'continue in procrastination' which leads to laziness it will manifest later in your Life as 'depression' (smile) and this is able to occur, if you cons- constantly, continuously accept and allow yourself to procrastinate Thus, I would sudes- suggest, 'not to procrastinate' Apply self-discipline, self-will, self-motivation and direct! 'every moment' in the moment as you! 'sort out', what is Here in the moment! and get it done! Thank you very much. this is the design of, 'procrastination'. Next! will be the design of laziness, which will give you a bit of an 'overview' of what happens If you accept and allow yourself to, 'procrastinate'. Procrastinate is, also when you 'crashed' - yourself, in a moment. you literally crash of the expression and experience of yourself, as 'Here', of the breathe, because you have a system crash and you crashed into the now, of consciousness in the unified consciousness filed, existing in the past. It's not where you want to be human beings, because then you have to go through a 'time loop' before you get out of it, which is 'unnecessary' Thank you very much. this is the design of procrastination. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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