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Children's Message - Zion Sunday 3-11-2012 Good Morning, Everybody! How IS everybody this morning? [Awesome] Well that is very good to hear. Even without one more hour of sleep, you're still awesome. That's good. Who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Let's let Genevieve. She hasn't looked in a while. [Genevieve takes The Purple Bag from Pastor Dave and looks inside] Do you know what that is, Genevieve? Maybe you can hold it up so maybe somebody else could see. It's a bottle. Anything special on this bottle? Yes, Irene? [Irene responds] Yes. You would think it is a cap of cheese, but it's a ... "Cheese Head"! Obviously, when you look and you say "Cheese Head"? You don't understand. Did you figure out what it is, William? 'Cause you saw this crazy person on the front, didn't you? Well now, what is this, William? It's a bottle of wine for Packer fans. Yes. Cheesehead wine. Because Packer fans wear big cheeseheads on their heads! Yes! Don't look at me like that, Irene. I know it sounds odd, but yes; there are people here who own them ... and wear them ... in public! With these big green jersey things on. And not just on the days when there's a football game. But just for, you know ... fashion statement. Because the people who are do these kind of things, are what we call ... they wear them all the time, yes. They're called: fanatics. We shorten it down for fans. And it's not just Packer fans, you could, ... but we got this from a Viking fan and they wear a helmet with horns on it. Um-hum. They're purple. They're not green; they're purple. And they're as crazy as the Packer fans are! Never miss a game. They will rearrange their life! Yes. That color is purple. That's right! They will come to the games early, hours early in the freezing weather to eat hamburgers in the parking lot, with their cheeseheads on. Because they are fanatics about the Packers. That's kind of what we're talking about when we talked today about zeal. Zeal is a hard word for us to understand. But what it really is it just means that we are really, really involved with something. And today we see that Jesus was involved with God's house and the proclamation of God's Word. He wanted It to be pure. He wanted the teaching of Him as the Lord and Savior to be the most important thing. The news that He had died, the news that He was going to rise from the dead was the most important thing. And He didn't want anything else to distract from that or take away from it. And that's what He says to us. That we should really be excited about church. We should really be excited about learning God's Word. We should have zeal to come to Sunday School. We should want to be here. And learn more and more about Jesus all the time. Because that's what's important. That's what's most important in our life: To know that we are God's children; that He saved us; and that He is going to take us to be with Him in heaven. Are there any other questions about being a fan of Jesus? Yes, Jenny. Yes! It is important to go to church to learn more stuff about Jesus. That's exactly what we're talking about. Yes, the things He did on the cross. The things He taught people. All of those things are very important. And that's what we talked about and discussed here and that's why it's good for us to be here. Okay? So you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-Day.

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Posted by: hischild on Mar 11, 2012

A bottle of Cheesehead Wine in The Purple Bag this morning leads to Pastor Dave explaining what it is to be a fan of Jesus.

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