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Let-The Love Begin

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- He might come down later. He still hasn't eaten and we still haven't cooked! Nanny, where's Kevin? He went to the office early! Ew, this will make me fat! I'll just drink juice. At least eat a little, Pia! I get my paycheck later, lola. We'll pay off this room and our electricity too There's still some money left from the previous payment you gave We'll use that first Pia.... your stuff!!!!!!!!! Be carefull, okay? Don't starve yourself, your dad is gunna be home early Eric! Eric! My girl, Stephanie answered my letter. Can you reply back to this pls? I'm bad at writing Don't worry, i gotchu [Us in the future arguing about stupid things] Perfect timing, full tank! My guy, Eric! Can you help me with my english homework? oh THAT'S why you were waiting for Eric..... you're so lazy You know what, don't fight anymore.... I GOTCHUUU MAN I checked your test papers and I'm going to give them back to you guys now Some passed.... A lot didn't Look gyaldems, I got a D, that means I still passed! IS THERE ANYTHING IN THAT AIRHEAD OF YOURS You're smart eh.... You don't even participate in class AND you only get F's in your exams You don't get F's, you're a B+ student, right? Hurry, my guyyyy Hold up, only one more sentence! oh my GAADDTTTT, you take so long, let me help you Oh wait, you handle Lisa, okay? Tell her "I don't want to get back with her" Okay, okay, you're so stubborn Alright, Eric, we outtie Thanks again for that english assignment you did for me. I got a high grade! Holy, he's a sweeterman, look at him! The fat one? NO, the one beside him! Soooo sweeeet They're only scamming us cause we're not full-time students Pia, if i wouldn't have gone through your stuff, I wouldn't have seen this You flunk your test again! Sir, your daughter has been studying hard -- Don't coddle her When are you going to be responsible, Patricia? Why can't you be like your Kuya Brix? At least all he does is study and that gets him all A's Not like you! Dad............ Kuya Brix is dead. That's what hurts the most... The proper child is the one who died. Not like you... No ambition! Don't listen to your dad.. He's just hot-headed There's probably a problem in his office He's always like that we're here now Ay! Nah dw about the payment, just the love letter you wrote for me for stephanie :) ... but i don't really understand Well your pen-pal is American, why would i use Tagalog for her You know what? If I get a reply from this, I'll give you a free ride everyday Alright, go take a rest, I know you're tired [look at that, it's us fighting again] Hey man, that's your wife I'm so tired of her Lola, why are you sleeping here? I was waiting for you, how come you're home so late? I was studying I feel so bad for you.. If only your parents were still alive, you wouldn't have to work to study It's okay, I can handle it Oh wait! Before I forget... This is for you This looks delicious, lola Who is this from? Well, who else but our coworker's child... Doesn't she have a crush on you? You take it, lola Why? You don't like Gemmy? She's pretty AND she's nice ;) You know, my priority is my studies. Girls can come later! hmm.. I guess those girls get in the way of your ambitions But i know you'll triumph in the future You're great, you're learning, you're learning! Hey, it's Mr. Smiley over there Even though he's a janitor, he's so pogi! And he's smart too! He's the brightest of the evening students Have you seen Pia? Pia look, your weird stalker is following you again Thank you f'real, but we're in a hurry right now Just tell Mercy I said what's gwanin Your tito's lawyer moved, they don't like San Fran anymore We talked about it and we think it'll be better for you to study in the US Really? Hopefully I get in for Fine Arts. What can you get out of Fine Arts? Only bums like that Go sleep now. You have early classes tomorrow Just allow it Congratulate me! Happy birthday! No no, not that.... Chrstine answered me. She gave me her cellphone number Alex, congratulate me! That's why you broke it off with Lisa... So you could move on to Christine. You think so cheaply of women Cheap? Christine isn't cheap :( Why are you looking for others anyway? You should just date Alex I won't date this mandem Why not?? Luigi is a sweeterman Pogi? Bitch where????? Alex is a different breed, huh? Hey, I heard some girl gave you cookies today What? Why are you laughing? You don't like her? Orrrrrr have you fallen for someone else? You're stiffff now ehhhh you fell for someone else, ahliiieeeee there's something in that smile. who's making your heart go crazy? Hurry, who is it? CRISTINA LYNN NOFUENTE AMBAS (kidding, it's Pia) Isn't she like a snob That's why this is a secret, don't even tell alex Why would you be embarassed? Even if she is "social" Always remember this: [???] C'mon man, look at me and Stephanie. You think me and a white girl can work out? He's right... Don't be ashamed of your lifestyle So what if she's a rich snob? You? You're pogi and smart Idk man.. I don't think it'll work out... She doesn't even notice me It's so farfetched Last class, I left you guys a question... Do you have to use the bathroom? You have to go? Come on, let's go together I don't have to go, shutup Good thing your mind came back Don't ask me who I am Come with me to go buy something for my new girl You're dating someone else again? My guy.... Jenny is so beautiful. Just come with me, I gotta buy something for her Hold up, i forgot something Here are your bags, they're kinda heavy heheh :))))) Nah yo, kinda looks nice on you stillllll :) You're eating chocolates, that's gunna make you fat What are you putting on there? Just a chocolate wrapper Why are you collecting them? No reason... Okay, gunna shower now As long as we're learning, this will blossom. The more it becomes beautiful Sorry about the old book... This was my first book. I brought their stuff again He left this! Maybe he's becoming your stalker Who might it be... He's never tried Pia. And also, he's mine You? Really? Take a look at who he's actually really looking at You think it could be him? You guys don't go well with each other I think he heard you guys What if he's from the evening classes? Because those are the classes after our classes, right? Whoever sits at my chair during the evening classes, is my saviour The cute janitor is in the night classes He's great, huh? So studious Let's switch seats Oh... is this yours? Let's switch then aiight, what's good, what's good? I saw Christine crying.... she said you guys broke up well you said she was cheap, soooooo i left her If karma catches you.... Yeah, that's what Eric says! Relent means to become less severe; to yield; to stop. My friend is learning english D UP NIGGA D UP sorry my guy, you're just weaksauce Let's go play one more game I said let's play again I just remembered I have a meeting for all the officers You sure you don't wanna play again? Don't tell me you're asking for help from the fat guy What are you looking for? You know, the things you sing are great. Here, the Father is giving this to you The Father paid me! We can finally buy you a toga For your graduation! It's close isn't it? Aren't you happy? Do you have a problem? The girl I like I won't see anymore after graduation Talk to her Ask for her address so you can visit her she won't notice me their family is rich why don't you try praying for it? that hopefully, you guys can become closer The lord doesn't hear my prayers It's true! When mom got sick, I prayed for her recovery but it didn't come true On my birthday... Dad... That's when he got into an accident The Lord doesn't give me anything All the people I love, he takes away from me Don't lose hope in Him Our faith is like lighting up a candle... Sometimes, you get burned But you just have to keep lighting it What I'm trying to say is no matter how much you get hurt or taken away from you Just don't lose hope Idk, lola... I don't wanna trust Are we gunna let these people beat us? It's so good here! Mans are stuntin' over here Who are those girls? Stop that! Girls again?? Oh yeah, I'm going with some friends to UST. Wanna come? No? Where are you gunna go to college? I'm gunna stop for a bit I can't fit it into my budget with my lola and i So what are you going to do? Work. Save up. And THEN I'll go back to school Awwman... your smarts are gunna get wasted your weird stalker is coming this way! Go over there and find someone else to dance with! Come on, let me just dance real quick pls Don't evveeennn tryyyy a tingggg on them right now Thank god, my stalker is gone You really are my saviour He went home! My guy...... is that you??? Why do you look like that? does it look nice? looks nice............ for a clown! you got some heavy makeup on my guy what are you? a gift wrapper? what colour is that? for weddings! you're too much man... maybe in the future you might end up together That won't happen, i don't go for tomboys and no matter what, even if she's the only girl in the world, i still wouldn't date her cause we'll always be just friends where's the card? the card you write "best wishes" on She never finished it... I thought we already agreed on you studying in the states I really wanna do fine arts there's no room for your fine arts in this lifestyle I can't give you what you want That's why you study for it Just listen to me! No. I don't want to If only your kuya brix was alive... I wouldn't be depending on you are you still blaming me for kuya's death? i already feel guilty for kuya's death It wasn't my fault he died take care of that, i worked so hard for that of course, this is so nice LET'S RACE put on your seatbelt

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Let-The Love Begin

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