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KLVH-CMONICA Interview Part 2

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Moderator: So how long did it take you to get to the camp? I think about... two or three days. Monica: Yeah. Moderator: Two or three days? On the street. Moderator: Just walking? Monica: You sleep on, you spend night on the street. You know? You spend night on the street. Yeah. Moderator: And what was the camp that they took you to? Moderator: Where was that at? Yeah, I went to, I think it passed through, like what they said, they said, Kampong Spuh, Cai Kampong Spuh. Yeah. We passed through Kampong Spuh, Uh, when we passed through, Kampong Spuh, and then, they point us, go into the town. Yeah. Moderator: Of... Moderator: that's the camp... Monica: The small.. Yeah the small camp. Like a, that Khmer Rouge was, occupied long time. You know? Yeah. Monica: Uh...I... Moderator: What's the name of that town? Kind of don't remember the name of the town. What they call? They call... I kind of... don't remember that town at all. What they call? I don't, cannot, remember. Because, it, you know, sometime, it, it, bad time. So I, sometime I, try not to remember. Yeah. Yeah. And we stayed there, about, maybe, three, four, months. Yeah. But when we stayed over there, that town, oh, Garek Ka Poum-a-Ka. Yeah, Poum-a-Ka. Yeah. Moderator: That was the name of the town? Yeah. The Poum-a-Ka. But that one, on the time, you know, uh, the people that, uh Khmer Rouge, people, that they come, fr...they go into Phnom Penh. They took stuff from Phnom Penh. They took machine, sewing machine. So...Chea, Cheata mom and me, sew, help the people, over there, to sew...sewing... to sew the clothes. Because, the people over there, they live kind of, what they call, the countryside, and they don't know how to sew. Yeah. And they've been there for long time with Khmer Rouge. So, they don't have much clothes to wear. Yeah. Moderator: So you just helped the people? Monica: Yeah. So... my sister and me, you know, sew clothes for, some show, what they call, they call, Khmer Rouge, Kam...Kam...What they call? Yeah. Kamabal or something. Yeah. So, we help them, sew. They give us like a, the food to eat. They give some some... They give some rice. They give some chicken. Yeah. Moderator: So, you eat, Some...they give some potato. You know? Yeah. So, when we spend over there, about, I think maybe, two, three months. But on that time, we still have food to eat. Yeah. Yeah. We spend there about, two, or three months and then, my...uh... my grandmom, she miss, the other grandkid. Because she usually, live with my, my cousin, yeah. So, she miss her hometown. So, her...she always talk, she like 81, 82, years old. And, my, after that, my brother, in California, they ask permi....they ask a letter, a note from, what they call, they call, a note from the group over there. They come to to my hometown. To see, check, who in there. When my brother, come back, He know it... My sister in here. Dakmala and Yeah, Leakhena's sister. Uh, mom over there. But, my brother in law that Dakmala and uh, Leakhena, Dad, They already took him, to, they say what, they say, to study. But, we don't know. Where. And after, my brother come back, so we ask permit from them to, come back to our home town. So... Moderator: For everyone to go back Moderator: to the home town? Monica: Yeah, uh huh. So we can come back to our hometown. Moderator: To ask the permission Moderator: From the Khmer Rouge? Monica: Yeah, uh huh. Moderator: What did they say? They, they gave us, first time, they not tight, very tight, tight yet. They can move around, you know? You can, okay. After come..we come to our town, yeah, I meet my two brothers. Moderator: So you guys all went back Moderator: to your hometown? Monica: Yeah. We all went back to hometown. So... We live there for awhile. I think about... 5 months or something. Moderator: In the same house and stuff? Yeah, uh huh. And... My two brothers, he, always, go, go do, the work at nighttime. You know? They saw, every night, they bring the pink pole, you know, they tie the hand and then walk, you know? They killed them, and he kind of scared, because, like a, we usually have, you know, like you live in a town, every people know it. The level. You know? And Khmer Rouge time, they don't like the dirty people. They support the poor people. If you rich, you kind of rich, you have kind, you kind of wealthy, they don't like you. And especially like my Dad. They have every kind of kid... They have the, the kid, working for government. The kid have big business. So... he kind of fraid later on... The people, like in the family, some people not gonna stay. Maybe they kill. So he decide to go you know? First time, like a, my family, they not, a, allowed to go to... they still transfer you to another province. Yeah. Yeah. So... my... my dad, actually, my dad don't want to go leave the town. Because he say, he... he's old. So maybe, he think, he cannot come back. Yeah... at... my hometown. Die, in my hometown. So he say, he don't want to go. But my two brothers, he decide, he say, "If we stay," "we go over there." "We take chance." "Maybe, we still alive," "some, later on." "We still survive some." "But when we stay over here," "we don't know what day," "we gonna bring us," "go kill." So... he decide to go. Yeah. Moderator: So...the whole family decided to leave? Monica: The whole family. Yeah. Moderator: Leave again, sent to another... Monica: Yeah. Leave again to, like a, what they call, they call, a... Poh-A-Sak. Yeah. Moderator: And so, Moderator: you guys just got up and left? Monica: Yeah, uh huh. Moderator: You went to this other camp? Went the other, the other camp. Moderator: So, that's two brothers... Moderator: You? Monica: Two brothers... And me, my mom, my dad, and Socheata mom, and Proh. Yeah... And... uh, Mala mom, and Mala... and Leakhena, and the other two... other two brothers. Moderator: Okay. Monica: Yeah. Moderator: at this new camp, Moderator: did they separate you guys or... Uh, when we go to the other camp, they, after, you know, they provide you a, you know, stuff, like a, bamboo or... some... like a, leaf to build your own house. Yeah... the guy can help build it. And leaves, you can, after build, you can stay it. You know? So... after we build the house... and then we live, live that for, I think maybe not enough for, two or three day. They say, if like, a, someone single, they send you far away from home. Yeah. What they call? They call like a, for, they call jalak. Yeah. Moderator: What is that for? What is that? Moderator: Jalak? This uh, like a, they call, front line. You know? Yeah. To the front? Monica: Yeah. Moderator: Oh, okay. Yeah. So... my brother, two brother and, me is single. So we went together. Because, on that time, you know? If you single, they send you to the front. If you have kids, you can stay in the village. So... yeah. So we three of us, they send us to, you know, like a, do like a, farm work. Yeah. It far away from home. Yeah. So... Moderator: So how long were you separated then? Moderator: How long did you work at that other place? I think about, 975.... until 1976 maybe almost year. Yeah. And... And both of my brother, were passed away. Moderator: And did, um... Moderator: Poh pass away? Yeah. Because... you know... no food to eat. No medicine. So we never do nothing, you know? He just go for school, and... Moderator: So... Moderator: Um... Moderator: Did you leave that camp then, Moderator: and return back to rest of your family? We...yeah...we leave, that camp, we come back, like a, in the, uh, village. On that times, when my mom was sick, yeah. And... the day that my brother, before he died, he passed away, I go to see him. Yeah. And then he hold my hand, and then he kiss my hand, he said, "Maybe he," "I cannot survive it." And he say, "You alive," "maybe you take care..." Yeah. Then he, passed away. But the younger one, I, don't have chance to see him. Because, we, we are separate different camp. When we go to the camp, we think, you know, like first time, we think maybe, brother or sister, you can see each other and talk. But actually, not. Yeah. The... girl place, the guy cannot come to visit. Guy place...girl cannot come to visit. Yeah. Sometime, like a, you only talk, when, on the way that you go to work. You see each other, Yeah. And... when, my broth...both of my brother passed away, and my mom pass, she pass away too. Yes. Moderator: She passed away while you were away? Moderator: Or? Monica: No when I come. She's very sick. Yeah, when I come home. And... like a... you work over there, like about, three months, you come, home. They transfer you different place. And on the way, if my dad know it, you know, they transfer, yeah. So he alway... Go on the street and then waiting for me. Yeah. And then I go, come back home. And then... yeah. he would always open my, my arm... my palm, "Jesri, look at my palm." Moderator: Why would he look at your palm? Because you know, I hold, you know, you have to working hard with your hand. And then, you know, what they call, they call, Chopkap, Yeah. You chop the, Yeah. Moderator: You were talking about after your brothers died... Moderator: You came back... Yeah. Yeah. My mom pass away too. After that, Yeah. And, I was sick. yeah. Moderator: You were sick? Yeah. Moderator: What of? And... when I, sick my dad, he sick too. So, he always talk with me. He say, "Its okay." Yeah. "Don't try to give up." "Try to survive." Yeah. I think, he say, "He do a lot of good thing." You know? "For the kid." "Maybe," "his kid," "don't receive it." "Maybe, his grandkid," "gonna receive it." He said, "Don't worry." "So...just," you know. "Try to be..." you know. "Don't," "try to be," you know. "Just," "try to be," "survive." And, after that, he know, he, he not gonna survive yet. And the day that he call, my sister, or someone go call... other... What they call? Like a, she she the one, who provide food for they call, Peenih. She call the woman, come to talk, she told her, she say, "You know," "please help," "my kid," "a barely pass away." "If you not help my kid," "yeah, my kid gonna die all." "And," "you know," "I have," "I don't have any kid," "besides that." Yeah. And later on, my my dad pass away. And when my dad pass away, yeah, actually, the woman, give everyday, you a little thing, like extra, extra food. They hide food yeah. Uh, yeah. And later on, I'm really sick, I cannot go work. And one day, that my sister, she went to work, and, she bring us to put, she bring me to put in hospital. What they call, yeah. Moderator: Your sister took you to the hospital? No. The other, what they call, they call, Mea Kong. You know? In the group. They bring Mak go to, to hospital. And then, when my sister come back from the work, she cannot find me. She go ask them. And then, they say, "I bring your younger sister," "to the hospital." And she cry, she say, "You're trying to kill her." "I know it!" "Yeah, my sister," "not gonna survive." "She gonna die when go to hospital." Yeah. Moderator: Om Sey? Is this Om Sey? Monica: Yeah.

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Part two of four of an interview with a Cambodian genocide survivor conducted by Khmer Legacies.

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