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Better - Week 1

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Welcome to the research labs of Better. Today, we're taking a look at two of our test subjects, Martin has asked Julie on a first date. Let's take a look. Hey, I am so excited to see this movie, I've heard so much about it! I love you! Okay. Too soon. Let's see what it looks like with better. Hey, I am so excited to see this movie, I've heard so much about it! Me too! When life hands you choices, choose better! Well, let me ask you a really important question. All of our different churches, if you guys could reply. How many of you love a big, fat, juicy piece of steak? Raise your hand and cheer if you need to! I love red meat! If you're a vegetarian, more power to you; but just remember that whenever the prodigal son came home, what did the father kill? He killed a fatted calf! Just saying, okay, just saying! For some reason, whenever I was growing up, we always ordered our steak medium well. And so, for 43 years of living, every time I get a steak, I'd order it medium well; until recently, when I was in Birmingham, Alabama, at Church of the Highlands with Pastor Chris Hodges. He took me out for a steak and I ordered the eight ounce filet. And they said, How would you like it cooked? I said, Medium well. And he said, Uh-ah! I said, What do you mean, uh-ah? He said, Not in my town you're not! I said, What gives? He said, You're going to get your steak Pittsburgh style. Now, I'm from Oklahoma, I've never heard of Pittsburgh style! And he went on to say, Look, if I'm buying, you're eating it Pittsburgh style! I said, Pittsburgh style please! And so, I've never had it this way before, but what they do is they sear the outside of the steak. They turn the fire up so high that it kind of burns the outside and it's almost crisp. And on the inside though, it's medium rare most times. So when my steak came out, they said, Would you like to cut into it and see if it's the way you like it? I'm like, I've never had it this way! I'm cutting into it and I kind of look. It's red on the inside, I've never seen that before! And there was like a little bit of blood coming out. And as God as my witness, I swear I heard that steak go, Moo! You know, is it moving? And Pastor Chris said, No, just take a bite! And so, I cut into it and I took my very first bite of Pittsburgh style steak! And it was like God Himself inhabited was so good, it makes me want to dance right now in front of you, but I won't! I mean, it was indescribably better! Could I get all of you to say better? How many of you want to have a better year this year than last? Raise your hands up, all of our churches, of course we do, right? You'd be crazy not to want to have a better year than last year. The tragic thing though, is for so many people in our culture, people are pursuing what we call the good life. We want nice things, we want comfort, we want convenience and we want fun. And there's nothing wrong with those things, as long as God has all of your heart. But the tragedy is that so many people are settling for the good life when God has something indescribably better for you. In fact, a key thought to drive us through this series if you're taking notes, is this: You're going to have to let go of the good to grab a hold of the better. You're going to have to let go of the good; stop settling for the good life, striving for the good life, when God has something indescribably better. In other words, you're never going to get your steak Pittsburgh style if you keep settling for medium well. Today, we're starting a brand new series called, Better. And what we're going to do over the course of the next few weeks is we're going to look at different verses that have the word 'better' in them, and we're going to memorize these verses together. Next week we are going to talk about a verse, and let me just promise you, many of you, this message will shake you and it will become a defining message in your life. We are going to look at the verse that says: Better is one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil, a chasing after the wind. Better is one handful. Unfortunately, we live in a world that drives us to two handfuls and so many of us are overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, burned out, no intimacy with our spouses, no intimacy with our kids, no intimacy with God, and we are going to learn that better is one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil. Also, at all of our Life Church campuses, our pastors will tell you about Better LifeGroups. We are going to form, if you're not in a LifeGroup, we are going to form four-week Better Groups. Just four weeks, all of our campuses will have events and they'll tell you when, and we're going to get together with some people and we're going to talk about God's Word and we're going to learn to better love and serve God and get to know some people better. So, let's start with our memory verse for this week. It comes from Psalm 84:10, but I'm going to start in verse one and two just to give you a little bit of context of this very powerful Psalm. The Psalmist is talking to God and says: How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty! Then I love this language, the Psalmist says: My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord... Now, if you're new to the Bible you may say, Now, what is this courts of the Lord, why would your soul yearn for the courts of the Lord? Anytime you see that in the Old Testament, this is actually a picture or a representative. It represents the presence of God, because God would dwell in the temple. And so, the people would go into the courts to get as close to God's presence as they could. And he says: My soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.... Then here's our memory verse. I'll read it and then we'll say it together a few times. The Psalmist says: Better is one day in your courts... In other words, better is one day in your presence: ...than a thousand elsewhere: I'd rather be a doorkeeper... This is the lowest kind of spot: I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Alright, everybody together, let's say it: Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Very good, again everybody: Better is one day...come your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Okay, this time without looking at your notes. Everybody let's do it, we can do it! Are you ready? Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Better is one day with God, better is one day, better is one day with God than any other kind of day anywhere else. Better is one day with God. The problem is, so many people simply don't believe this, they don't believe it. In fact, I didn't believe it for years. Before I was a Christian, I thought Christians were stupid. Why would you want to wake up early and go to some dead, boring, church service? Why would you want to follow a bunch of rules? Why would you want to be miserable and legalistic and judgmental when you can be like me, fun, party guy? And it was fun, in fact, I mean, I had a good time sinning, okay? How many of you know that sin can be fun for a little while? Raise your hand, raise your hand. Don't be all churchy like, Sin is not fun! Sin is fun for a little while, then it will kick your butt! How many of you know what I'm talking about? It will mess you up after awhile. Sin is a lot like a sneeze, right? A sneeze feels good coming out, doesn't it? Feels good, then there's snot everywhere! And it's just not so good! And so, I didn't think, Better is a day with God, I thought Christians were stupid. And some of you may feel that way and I what I hope to do is by the power of the Spirit through God's Word, convince you that better is one day with God than a thousand elsewhere. You may say, How or why is it better? Let me just tell you, it's better because God's ways are higher than our ways. God's ways are better than our ways. Scripture says that His love is better than life. A day with God is better because with Christ you have the forgiveness of your sins. Your sins have been separated in God's eyes as far as the East is from the West, He never holds them against you again. A day with God is better because you have the security of knowing that you are in the family of God. A day with God is better because you have joy unspeakable. Your happiness is not based on the happenings of this world, but you have a joy based on who God is. A day with God is better because no matter what's going on in your life, you can have a supernatural peace that goes beyond what a non-Christian has the ability to even understand. A day with God is better because you have His divine calling and purpose in your life. When you wake up in the morning, you know that my God knew me before I was ever even born. He knew me in my mother's womb. All of the days for my life where ordained and written in His Book before even one of them came to be. I have a unique calling and a unique purpose and a unique contribution to make in this life and that makes my day better! I have His power. A day with God's power is better because if you're a Christian, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside of you, you have access to the very throne room of God. A day with God is better because you have His provision. You have everything you need to do everything that God wants you to do. Scripture says you have everything you need for life and godliness. Oh thank you somebody, if you want to get a little excited, now is a good time to do so because a day with God is indescribably better! It's better, it's better, is one day with Him. Now, what I'm not saying, and I hope you hear me clearly; what I'm not saying is that you'll never have trials and never have a hard time and everything's going to be great. That's simply not true at all. In the middle of the storms, Jesus is your peace in the storm. In fact, I'd rather be in the boat in a storm with Jesus than on the shore without Him, because a day with Him is better than a thousand elsewhere. A day with God is better. So, that raises the question: If better is one day with God, how do we have a day with Him? How do we have a day with God? If you would have asked me this years ago, what I would have said, is I would have said, Okay, start your day off with Bible study and prayer and then go do your day. And that wouldn't have been an entirely bad answer because if you were going to have a day with God, starting it off with Bible study and prayer is really good. But the problem is, my understanding for years was that you kind of had time with God; your devotional time, your spiritual time, and then you had your normal time. And what I want to do is encourage you to what I believe is a more Biblical day with God. If you're taking notes, rather than having just compartmentalized time with God, I want to encourage you to: Live with an ongoing, unending awareness of God's presence. To live with an ongoing, unending awareness of God's presence. That you're going to recognize that all day long all of the time, you can be aware that God is with you, guiding you, comforting you, convicting you, speaking to you. You don't just have time with God, you can literally do life with God. Think of it this way, in the Old Testament, there is no Hebrew word translated as spiritual. Because to God, who was Spirit when He created everything in His image, everything is spiritual. If a disciple would have come up to Jesus and say, 'Jesus, how is your spiritual life?' Jesus would go, 'Ha? Everything is spiritual. I'm here doing my Father's business. Everything we're doing is spiritual.' To call one thing as spiritual, to say something else is not spiritual, to God everything is spiritual. Think of it this way; in the Old Testament, God would dwell in the temple and the people would desire to be in the temple courts. You'd have to go somewhere to be with God. In the New Testament, for those of you who are Christians, the Bible actually says that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Check that out, you don't have to go somewhere to be with God, God has come to be with you to dwell inside of you. And because of that, you can literally have a day with God. Not just time with God, but a day with God. And here's what's amazing, if you can have a day, you can have a week. And if you can have a week, you can have a month. And if you can have a month, you can have a year. And if you can have a year, you can do life with an ongoing, unending awareness of God's presence. And suddenly, what Paul said makes sense to us. Colosians 3:17, he said: And what? Everybody, come on, play with me! And: Whatever you do... Whatever you do; you're driving to work, you're texting your mom, you're going to the grocery store, you're studying for your chemistry exam, you're practicing for football: Whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Because it's spiritual, it's all spiritual. You can do it all with an unending awareness of God's presence. You literally can do life with God. Better is a day with God than a thousand elsewhere. Now, that raises the question, how do we go and just have a day with God? Because if you're like me, you know, maybe you've got good intentions, you're a Christian, I'm going to spend time with God, I'm going to be aware of His presence and turn on the TV and you forget for an hour and you go to bed and you wake up and life just starts happening. What I want to do is I want to give you three habits to develop. And let me just promise you, let me promise you, you incorporate these disciplines and these habits into your life and you will find and discover what is better, better; an ongoing, unending relationship acknowledging the presence of God and you can literally do life with God. Let me give you three habits. The first one, if you're taking notes, I want to really encourage you to: Develop the habit of constant communication with God. Constant communication with God. First Thessalonians 5:16-17 tells us to: Be joyful always... And how should we pray? All of our churches, we should do what? We should: ...pray continually. Now, one of the versions says to pray without ceasing. In other words, pray all of the time. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm kind of an ADD prayer guy. You know what I'm talking about? I mean, I can start praying like, Dear God, I love you, help so and so...oh my gosh, it's trash day tomorrow, I've got to take the trash out! I can't even pray five minutes straight sometimes, how in the world can I pray continually? It just seems impossible. I want to encourage you, and I believe with all of my heart, you can develop a habit of a constant communication with God. I will explain it this way, how many of you carry one of these things with you most everywhere? Raise your hands, a little phone. How many of you carry it into the bathroom? Carry in the bathroom? Okay, there's help for that, it's called counseling! You can be set free, okay! I carry mine in there too! Here's the thing, because of this I am connected to the people that I love and I communicate all day long in short bursts of communication. For example, if you follow me on Twitter, I can in 140 characters or less, tell you what I'm doing and instantly I've communicated with you. If you like my Facebook page, I can update my Facebook page, say whatever I want, and instantly if you're online, I've communicated with you. All day long I text, I mean, I don't know how many texts to my family, my close friends, my staff. All day long we just text away. In fact, I've got two texts right now. One is from Pastor Steven Furtick, praying for you Pastor Craig. Thank you Steven. And one is from Amy, my wife texted me! You're preaching good, you look good, and I won't read the rest! Wow! Thank you! Kind of embarrassed! Thank you, really good ha? So anyway, where was I? All day long I have short bursts of communication, often 140 characters or less, with the people I love. Think about this, think about constant communication with God the same way. It doesn't have to be an hour of spiritual warfare prayer in the morning, which it certainly can be. It doesn't have to be just God bless this meal, or the prayer at the end of the day. But think instead of short bursts of communication ongoing all of the time, constantly and consistently throughout the entire day. One hundred and forty characters or less, you're driving to work, Wow man, that is a kicking sunrise God! You're showing off again! I worship you! You're listening to a worship song and you're just, Oh thank God that I get to be in your presence! Thank you God I get this job that you've provided for me! Oh, my boss is being....God, give me the grace to deal with her today! Oh man, that person looked like they're hurting. God, I pray that your Spirit will work in that person's life. Oh God, would you have me say something to that person today? Oh God, I pray that you would lead me to be a blessing in so and so's life! God, I pray for my son today as he's taking his exam. God, I pray that I'd be a good witness today as I go to softball practice. On and on, 140 characters or less, constant ongoing communication with God. And guess what? Suddenly you're praying without ceasing. You're having ongoing, unending, awareness of the presence of God. And you're talking to Him about anything and everything and guess what? You're having a day with God. Not compartmentalized time with God, but you're literally having a day with God. I want to encourage you man, and throughout the week, just think of it just like you send out a text, here's a text prayer to God. Over and over and over again, constant communication with God. The second thing is I want to encourage you to develop the habit of: Instant obedience to God. Constant communication with God, instant obedience to God. Galatians 5:25 says: Since we live by the Spirit, let us... Do what? Let us: ...keep in step with the Spirit. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Here's the deal, if you're constantly communicating with God, if you're constantly in His Word, in fact, let me just pause. All of our churches, how many of you are doing a YouVersion or a Bible App reading plan? Would you raise your hands? You're reading through things okay? Hey, I'm telling you, every one of you should do this. You take a reading plan through the Bible App, every year, the one I do, Through the Bible in a Year, I've read through the Bible probably, I'm guessing 17 times or so. It's right there in front of me everyday. Here's the deal, when you're talking to God constantly, when you are in His Word, guess what's going to happen? He's going to speak to you. I'm telling you, He will bring His Word to your memory and He's going to speak to you. And as you get to know Him through His Word, by His Spirit He's going to prompt you to do some things and when He does you just do it. Instantly you obey Him. I'll give you a crazy example, and all of my examples aren't this dramatic, but this one really was very meaningful to me. I was flying, I taught somewhere all day long and I was exhausted. I was on a connecting flight in St. Louis and my flight was late. It was about 9:00 in the evening and we were hoping to get home. I had my head down, I looked up and there was this girl sitting across from me and she gave me this look. She was like...I call that the 'you're my pastor look'! And that happens sometimes. And she came up and she said, You're my pastor! And I said to myself, Let's give her your best even though you're tired. And so, we talked for a few minutes and then I kind of politely said, Great talking with you. Do you mind if I read this book? And I put my head down and the moment I did I felt like the Spirit of God stopped me as if God were saying that there was more that I wanted to do with this. And so, I just said, Okay, I don't care, I'm tired. And I said, Excuse me, I feel like you were wanting to say more and if you want to say more, I'm happy to listen. And at that moment, she just broke down. I mean, tears just like the dam broke and the tears just came. And she just confessed right there. She said, I love my husband. Last night, I was at a business meeting on a business trip and I started drinking and I shouldn't have. I got wasted and I had an affair with this guy and I'm devastated. And I was like, Oh man! So, I kind of took a breath. I shot a quick text prayer to God, God, give me the words to say. Help me here. And so, the first thing I said is, Well, I'm so sorry. What you did is devastating. But what I want you to know is that God put me here at this time because I believe God wants to speak truth into your marriage. So, take hope in that. So, I took out my phone. I called Michelle, a counselor that I've worked with for years through the church. She took the call and I gave it to this girl and they set up an appointment for the next week for marriage counseling. And I talked to this lady and said, You know, you're going to need to confess this to your husband. You can't live with secrets, you've got to have integrity. And she agreed to do so when her husband got back in town from his trip. She would do it Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. I made her put a time so she would commit to it. Saturday, oddly enough my daughter Mandy had dance, weird rehearsal on the other side of town at ten o'clock. And so, I dropped Mandy off, and I was praying for this couple because it was ten o'clock. And then, I got through praying and it was like, Well, I've got time to kill. What do I do now God? And the weirdest thing, I felt like I just had this thought, Go to Walmart! And I'm thinking, That's either God or Satan, because I hate Walmart! You know, why go to Walmart? I hate Walmart! I would rather go to a pet store and look at cats! But, I'm in constant communication with God. I've learned the discipline of talking to God all of the time. And I learned that whenever I feel a prompting like that I do it. So, it's maybe 10:30 or so, I walk into Walmart and I'm walking around. What am I doing at Walmart? What would anyone want in Walmart? This guy looked up at me and gave me this, 'you're my pastor look'! And he came up to me and threw his full weight on me. I'm kind of like, I didn't know who he was, and he said, You bumped into my wife in the St. Louis Airport and she just confessed to me what happened. I didn't know what to do so I came to Walmart to think. And all of a sudden I'm realizing that this was a very special moment. And I said to him, My heart breaks for you. I know this is the most devastating blow that you could experience. But here's what I want you to know, God had me in the airport there and God sent me here today, because I believe God wants you to know that what your spiritual enemy meant for evil, God's going to use for good. And if you work really hard, God will eventually give you the power to forgive. I'm going to stick with you and get you the best help and I believe you're going to have a marriage that's better than it was before, because it's obvious that God wants to do something with this. And he cried and we prayed and we worked. And to this day, they have a better marriage than they did before. And that's what can happen when you just instantly obey what God puts on your heart. Now, does it mean every time you go into Walmart you're going to lead the whole frozen food section to Christ! But what it does mean is you can hear from God. And when you're talking to Him and when you're in His Word, you can, guess what? You can keep in step with His Spirit. Why? Because you can have a day with God. Better is one day in His courts than a thousand elsewhere: I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. I want to encourage you to develop the habit of constant communication with God, instant obedience to God, and then finally: A daily desperation for God. A daily desperation for God. I want you to think about what the Psalmist said earlier. I will re-say it to you. The Psalmist said: My soul yearns for you... Everybody listen: My soul yearns for you. My heart faints for the living God. I want to ask you this, those of you who are Christians, when is the last time, you just kind of went on like this: God, my soul yearns for you! My heart faints for you! God, I need you! Most people look at you like, Ha? That's weird, why would you do that? That's odd! But, let me tell you why, let me tell you why because you don't have an appetite for God. Here's why, you develop an appetite for what you eat. And here's the deal, when we feed on the things of this world, the good life, we develop an appetite for the good life, when God has something indescribably better. If all you ever eat is medium-well steak, all you're ever going to want is medium-well steak, when there is Pittsburgh steak available for you and it is way, way better. If all you do is seek what this world has, all you're going to desire is what this world gives. But, if you start to seek God, you're going to develop a daily desperation for Him. Scripture says: Taste and see that the Lord is good. As you taste on Him, suddenly you become desperate for more of Him. In fact, this is what David said, I love this, verses 1-3, David said: O God, you are my god, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is... What? He said: ...Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. When you are constantly in communication with God, when you're instantly obeying Him, when you're feeding on Him and enjoying Him, you realize that He is better and you will never again settle for the good life, because you want something better; His forgiveness, His grace, His power, His mercy, His presence, His Sovereignty working in your life. You will not settle for something less, you want what is better because it is better. Better is one day, better is one day. And you won't just insult God by having, Here's my spiritual time, here's my quiet time. No, no, no, no, no! You live with Him, it's an ongoing, unending awareness of His presence, because whatever you do, you do it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Because everything is spiritual. You don't compartmentalize your life. You're doing life with God. Intimate, ongoing, unending relationship, aware of His presence. Why? Say it with me, because better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Father, I pray that you would plant this truth deep within our hearts. And God that we would be forever different as your Word transforms us. All of our churches as you're praying today, here's what I want you to do: Think back to last year, think back to last year and ask yourself, were you characterized by doing life with an ongoing, unending awareness of God's presence? Chances are really good if you are like most people, most Christians, you'd say, No, I really wasn't. Let me just tell you, it is possible. God wants you to walk with Him, constantly communicating, instantly obeying and desperately seeking and needing Him. All of our churches, if you say you want something better this year, I'm going to tell you, there is something better and that is an ongoing, unending relationship with the God of the universe. You want that, you want to sense His presence, you want to be available to what He says, you want Him to use you. At the end of your day, you want to look back and say, I saw God working all over the place today! If that's you, would you just lift up your hands right now? All of our churches, just lift them up! Oh man, there are so many of you! God, I thank you for a church full of people who really want to know you intimately and serve you wholeheartedly. God I pray that as we memorize this verse that your Holy Spirit would set it free to work in our hearts, that we would be reminded that we don't just spend time with you and then do our normal life, but God that we can talk to you all day long. We can hear from you, we can have an ongoing fellowship with you and God, we can be different because we're doing life with you. I pray God that we would develop these disciplines so we could do life with you. Don't let us God settle for the good life, God we want something better, we want to serve you wholeheartedly. As you keep praying today at all of our churches, a lot of you, I'm telling you, you're doing what our culture has taught us to do, you're pursuing the good life. I want to encourage you to let go of the good for something that's far better, the presence of God. I want you to think about what it would be like to know that all of your sins are forgiven, to know that your eternal destiny is secure in the hands of a God that loves you. To wake up with a divine purpose, a peace and empowerment, to recognize that you were put here not just to take up space or to have fun, but to make an eternal difference. There is a better way of life. The problem is, and let me just be real clear with you, is our sin is a brutal offense to a Holy God. Our sin separates us from God. That's why the Book of Hebrews says that Jesus was actually a better sacrifice. In the Old Testament, people would make sacrifices with the blood of animals and they were a temporary covering for our sins. In the New Testament, Jesus, who is called the Lamb of God, He was without sin. He shed His blood, He died, and He rose again. He's a better sacrifice, He's the perfect sacrifice. His shed blood settles the issue for our sin and covers it once and for all. And I'm here to tell you, that's why many of you are here, because it's time for you to step into a better life; not the good life this world has to offer, but the better life of knowing and serving Jesus. What do you do? Acknowledge, I don't have it. Acknowledge your sinfulness, call on Him today. When you do He will forgive you, He will transform you. I'm telling you, some of you, it's time for the better life, it's time for the better life. His ways are higher, His ways are better, His love is better than life and that's why you're here today, for something better, a life with God through His Son Jesus. Save me, transform me, make me new! All of our churches, that's your prayer today, I want His better ways, I want His life, I give my life to Him! Would you lift your hands high right now? Just lift them high! All over the place, lift them up and and leave them up if you will. Right here in this middle section, all three of you. Sir, right back here, God bless you guys. Three of you right back here up close to me ma'am, praise God for you. Others of you way back here and back over here and up close to me right here, God bless you guys. Right here on the end. Somebody shout and clap! All three of you right back over here. Others of you, I want to just look you in the eye. Right back over here and here as well. Man, thank God for you! And here, man huddle up and hug away right over there! Others of you, call on Him, call on Him! Jesus, save me from my sins, transform me and make me new! I want you, your power, your grace. Everybody pray aloud together. Pray Heavenly Father, save me from my sins, make me new. I let go of the good to pursue your better life. Jesus fill me with your Holy Spirit so I could serve you for the rest of my life. My life is not my own, I give it to you. Thank you for new life, now you have mine. In Jesus' name I pray. Life Church, all of our campuses, would you worship right now, would you thank God, would you welcome those born into God's family?

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Better - Week 1 - Craig Groeschel -

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