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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~21:45:00-22:14:59

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Come. We stand like this and talk to them. Hello! How are you doing? Yes? I like your shoes. They’re very cool. I don't know. Mom’s here. Mom’s behind you. Hello! What are your names? They were going to give you a kiss, but I don’t think they dare to, and therefore the picture. Lara sits there, with her. Come. I'll sit here with you. Come, honey, see? Very good. You both look at me, alright honey? And we all laugh a lot so we all look well, ok? Yes? -Look- Look at me both, ok? Thank you very much -Thanks! "Dear audience, please go back to your seats. The second part of the show -Careful, easy, easy- starts in 5 minutes" I think we must go, don’t we? Azucena’s gone. Ah, there she is. We know how the saying goes. We’re gonna get changed, Cristina. What saying? The one you say, that you can’t be good at everything. Free the stairs please, now we really are in a hurry. Careful. Looks like the remake of the Marx Brothers’ cabin. Dad, can you unzip it? It’s already been unzipped -Oh Lara- Lack of... lack of habit. Let's go sweetie. He drank and the water is good. Hurry. I'm coming later to pick you up, ok? Have you been bitten by a mosquito? What? I'm coming soon Iker honey. It sticks. It really sticks. Can you take out the ponytail, please, Jeni? What? The hair in the ponytail, let the hair down. This much? Yes. I’m going outside Jeni, just do... do as always, alright? Alright? Jenika. Yes. Oh jeez, I won’t make it. Are you telling me no? Who? Who’s telling you? No, no, no. Who’s telling you? Ah! Yes, but I can’t now. The crown. Yes, it’s here on the table. The dress. Yes. Give it to me. I won’t make it. The hair, let it down. I’m late, I’m so late. Like this? Yes. I won’t make it. The zip’s undone. Pull it up. "The King and the Queen, and the buffoon of the court Pimpoyo". Dear guests, let the dance begin! Let’s go! Mr. Rocko. Yes? Why is there such a commotion in the court? Commotion in the court? Yes. Where? Back there in the distance. In the distance? Lara, that man needs no introduction. But, who is he? Don’t you know who he is? No. I’ll tell you. He’s the legendary William Tell. Ohhh! And what does this sir do? Don’t you know what he does? No. He’s the best marksman with the crossbow. Really? Really. Let’s see it then. Let William Tell in. Clapping in the realm. Bravo! That's how Guillermo Tell introduces himself. Fran give me a minute. Jeni, hairpins. I’m gonna put on the... the wig. Here, on the table. Otherwise it will fall off at the party. Here, some more. No, it’s enough. It’s ok. I tie it back, right? I’m ready, everything’s ready. Yes, Jeni, please. I leave this one just in case -Very good, ready- "Felipito", right? "Felipito" yes. There's no... -There’s no other trick?- Give me, give me, give me. There’s burlesque act, but no magic. They'll give me something I don't like. There’s burlesque but there’s no magic, right? Yes. So... There aren’t 5 crossbows, huh. There aren’t 5 crossbows? Let’s go downstairs then. Sorry. Gaby, I make you some room. Bang! A kiss to my poor little thing. There's "Feliz, feliz" song. We have many birthdays today. Run Francisco, go to the front door, we're going to sing you a song. Come on, go to the front door and we sing to Fran. it’s his birthday, come on Lolo, come on Lolo. Are you tired? I'm suffocated. You have all this, but… I don’t really feel tired until it all finishes. I just don't feel it. When I’ve got everyone to eat dinner, after having cleared up and so on, I fall like this and I do ahhhhhh. And you’re tired. But I can’t get to sleep. I stay awake ‘till 3 a.m. texting my brother Rodrigo. You won’t be able because it’s too blown up. The right balls to do that must be a little bit flat. I’ve never known how to do that. Me neither. Come Judith, come, come. Unzip me to take out the hair, ‘cause it got stuck there . Unzip me, that’s it. Unzip me, and now zip me up. Like that. Let's go! William Tell! Lara. Yes? And now it’s time for a very special part of the show ‘cause it’s when we usually congratulate every mom, dad, granny, grandpa, everyone who's birthday is these days. That is everyone whose birthday was in the last few days, is today, or will be soon. A mom has asked us, something very special. To call a boy whose name’s Sergio. Sergio! -Where’s Sergio?- Let’s see. He’s hidden over there, in a green T-shirt. I saw him. He’s there. He turns 12. And we should have around here, yes! He’s already here, a little friend, Fran! Where’s Fran? Fran! Is Fran around here? Well, he’s not here yet. But it’s his birthday today as well. It’s his birthday too. So we sing a song to Fran, Sergio, and everyone else who's birthday is today. And what do we sing if I haven’t said anything yet? Right. Let’s sing "Feliz, feliz en tu día¨ Come on! Happy birthday to you all! And now, dear friends and family, let’s sing again. Ok. Let’s sing "Felipito el dormilón¨ Alright! For this song we all have to say "aaaaaaupa" and we get out our seats and jump. Let’s give it a try "Aaaaaaupa" Very good kids, but I haven’t seen any mom jumping. Moms have to take part as well, huh. Come on moms "Aaaaaaupa" Very good moms, But I haven’t seen any dad jumping. They haven't moved from their seats. Come on, all together, come on. "Aaaaaaupa" Very good! Let’s sing "Felipito el dormilón Come on, everyone clapping. Yes, sir! I just have Lydia before the next song, right? I have to run. Look how beautiful. Jeni hurry. That's why I took it. I’m gonna take this water, don’t know whose it is. -Yes, take it- Or this one. You have to keep yourself hydrated. It’s Pimpoyo’s. Ok. Up, you down. I tell you what, I might have lost 3 kilos today. Of water? Sure. Yes, water. ‘Cause those kilos are still yours, even if you lose them. So… wait. Gaby. What? Throw some water on my face. Over the wig, ‘cause I’m wearing this. I wasn't to. Oh. You want me to do it? Yes. Then I won’t throw it... Maybe... And we have to tell the boys, I always forget, that even though they enjoy throwing water on me, it’s the audience that has to enjoy. So if they do it, it has to be from a distance... Yes, tell Georgi that if he wants to throw the water, he has to get up on a chair. Those movements have to be seen. I don't know who is doing it today, ask them. -Georgi- I know it’s not possible, but if you could gesture if you hear me. No, they can’t. They’re gonna throw the water, and I have a mic. Can you hear me over there? So... Ok, then, Maya. Yes, come down. I’ll give it to you later. You're running again, right? See you. Yes, yes. Over there. It’s gonna be easier over there. We’re almost done. Tell my brothers that I now come from the other side, at the end. You know? ‘Cause my brother Gaby always gets confused and I’m coming from the back today. Miss Lydia Nichols! Bravo. And now I want everybody singing and clapping with me. I can’t hear you singing. Clapping! Come on, louder.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Mara Pérez
Views: 178
Posted by: globallives on Nov 5, 2013

The show continues. During the 15 minutes break, Lara and her cast take photos with children and she gives a boy in a wheelchair a DVD with their songs.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara P̩erez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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