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Yes, I was on parental leave for 12 months and worked in customer service for 10 years. I wanted to make a career change and I found Orkin. I think Orkin is a very good company. The hours are very flexible for the family. By having three children, the medical benefits are very good. Flexible hours are very advantageous for a family. So, one of my clients is a school that runs camps throughout the year. They do week-long camps with students from elementary to high school, and it's one of my clients who takes all our services, from parasite service to bathroom service and rodent service. They have students that when they need an urgent service, they can call me directly and I am proud to go there to help as much as possible. As a technician, we don't just do parasitic service, we also make sales. One must be able to react to certain customers, the needs of certain customers who need extra services, such as rodent services, services of good smell in bathrooms, air exchangers, garbage and business systems alike. So, one of our biggest problems is calming customers down. Customers when they call us are very nervous, are anxious and have found information on the Internet, information from their customers, their friends and when they call us, they are very nervous. We will educate them to better understand the problem and it will be easier to solve the problem. They understand that and they are more relaxed when we do the treatment. My name is St├ęphane Gauthier. I am a technician for Orkin Canada. I've been with the company for eight years. I did one year part-time and seven years full-time.

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