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Using the Calendar on Real Pad - AARP

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[AARP Real Possibilities] In this lesson, we will become familiar with using the calendar on the RealPad. The calendar allows you to set up appointments, meetings, and important dates, and reminds you about these upcoming events. Just tap on the calendar icon on the home screen to open the Google calendar. This is how it looks on the RealPad. You can switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views using the arrow at the corner to select the view. Here is the daily view where you can see your events in an hourly format. In the weekly view, you will see your appointments for each day of the week. Here is the monthly view to view your events for the month at a glance. You can add an appointment to your calendar by adding a new event and make it repeat for events like recurring meetings or birthdays. Let's take a look at setting up events with the calendar. This shows setting up a doctor appointment. A reminder is set for one hour before the appointment. The arrows in the corners allow this to be changed. This even is someone's birthday. The reminder can be set for a different amount of time before the event with the arrows in the corner. Some events happen repeatedly such as a meeting that happens every week or a birthday that happens every year. This birthday is set up to repeat each year. You can see your appointments in different views such as daily view and weekly view as well as monthly view and agenda view. Enjoy using the Google calendar on your RealPad. [Technology Education Knowledge] [AARP Real Possibilities]

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 11, 2014

Learn how to the use calendar on the RealPad.

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