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Ivan Montano - Cali, Colombia - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) -08:00:00 - 08:29:59

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I'll be right back, ok? Are you gonna go to the repair shop? -I'm gonna go to the guy from Cali. "Big head" What's up? All good, buddy. Check this out. Where's the guy from Cali? -He's not here -not here? What are the cameras for?- A reality show, about horsecarts. -Really? -Yeah! Don't you see that tire is for my horse cart. Oh God! They're gonna embarrass me, haha! Right, Julie? Be original, man. It will be out soon. But that stuff is new. Ah, what is that over there? Why is it open like that? It's broken. And that too? Of course. You have to change it now. Right now. There it is. How about that old one? How much for it? -You have to ask my brother -He is not here, is he? Then what do we do if it's an emergency? Go get yourself a tire. -No dude, where? I have one, but it has a little hole. Right here That's easy to fix, no? It exploded. A 195-14. 195-14. -Go ask how much? -That, that - Why, didn't I tell you already? Tell him that he came to put air in it a little while ago. No, it's ready. -Tell him to put air on the other side, tell him. I want the second one from top down. So around 15,000 COP ($ 6 USD) or 16,000 COP ($ 7 USD) -Yeah, right. Around 15,000 COP ($ 6 USD) - Andres! -This guy thinks he's so clever. Where is Andres? 15,000 for this rotten, broken tire. No way that's happening. I'll be back. Going to Corinto, ma'am. Don't worry! Ivan is coming right back! Are you done? Hi Grandma, How is it going? -Doing well Mr. Ivan and you? How are you doing? -Good, good. Woke up with a flat tire. - Really? ugh- bye! - Ok! Hey, kid! -Doing well? -How's it going? -Good, son. Where are the tires that were outside? That one ripped. It was broken when I saw it. And where is the documentary going to air? -In California. California. - Is that around here? -No it's somewhere else. In California. Really. -They are helping them from over there to do it? -How about here in Cali, are they going to show it? -Maybe in the local channel (Telepacifico). Hahaha. -See, my poor little tire is done. It was very damaged. -No, that tire is still good. For God's sake, it is better than the one you are trying to sell me there. 1000 times better. - This one better than this one? Better than this one, he was gonna give me this one but it is too smooth. Yeah, you can take that off. -What about the horse? -A DT for the horse? -Nah, that is already a done deal. Is that a 14 or a 15? -14. Here comes the Cali girl to start trouble. The daughter of the owner. Nenorri, and how about that thing over there? Go, put that over there. It has to have a hole too. No, dude. But this is better than the rubber one, it sticks harder. What? -That one sticks better than the rubber one. Of course. Watch out for the rim, it doesn't come out like that. All in due time. - There was no tire rubber there, nothing. If I open this side, all here is good -Everything else is bad. Go put the other one over there -Why does that open so ugly? The other side is good enough. Yea, but it will be lopsided again. -Is this what you are talking about? -Yes. Too big, doesn't that have something over there? - This one is better than that one, right? This one is better than that one. There is nothing there. -There is actually a lot there. What happens here if I keep it? What happens? It explodes or what? -Of course! You have to buy one of those tires that are worth 50,000 pesos ($25 USD) -No but those are too smooth, I can't use those. No, no, no, but you're not gonna buy any of the smooth ones. You're gonna buy something like this, check it out. Something like this. What about this? We have to ask the Cali guy how much it is. How much does he charge for one of these? Well that one is more expensive, around 30,000 COP ($15 USD) Keep going! -No man, what do you mean? Why don't you buy this second-hand one? -I'm not having very good luck. Bad luck it is, if you put that one, there is not gonna be any change. -Is this one 14 or 15? This one is 14, but this one is good, really good. -What about that one?- Same - 30,000 COP ($15 USD)? - About 20,000 COP($10 USD) No like I thought this one looked good, but when I saw the thing with the knife. Chief and what's with the shoe? -hahaha - Why is there a shoe in there? That's where you put your shoe! No, but that one is not good for you man. This thing is peeling off.. See? No, you can't. -I don't know how it was good before. No it's peeling man, You can't use that one. Listen to me that I also work here, It doesn't work. You have to invest on this one, or this one. This is where the tire goes, if you put the shoe. It comes out! Excuse me there. Get that one out, I'll buy it. Is that one too smooth? -That one. That is 15. See, this one was broken. Are you done? -No. Need air? -Yep -200 COP ($.10 cents)-What did you do with the little thing to put the air in? It's right there. -yea? -Right there. Take it. Yeah? That tire is good.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Claudia Quigua
Views: 111
Posted by: globallives on Nov 11, 2013

Ivan removes the flat tire from his wagon and heads to the tire repair shop. Andres Adiran Lopez (tire repairer with the striped T-shirt) and Edgar Cabezas (tire repairer with a cap) appear for the first time.
This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Ivan Montaño, a horse-cart driver and tailor from Cali, Colombia.

This video was produced by Claudia Quigua, Diego Eraso, Carlos A. Sanchez, Nelson Gomez, Carlos H Tofiño, Daniel F. Gomez, and Harvey Paz.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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