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Gather Voices Introduction

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[Music] User-generated video content is what’s up. It’s authentic, it’s credible, it’s powerful, and it’s extremely valuable. It’s also growing. Every day, Facebook logs more than 8 billion video views. And on YouTube, people are watching over a billion hours of video content every day. So, it’s a natural for all kinds of organizations to want to grow their video content. But there’s a problem. A lot of things get in the way of good, usable video, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious. So, this incredibly valuable asset can be hard to leverage. But, what if user video content were easy? What if your organization could get all of the user-generated content you want, without the hassles? Enter Gather Voices. It’s the very first video relationship management platform. It eliminates the problems, and allows you to easily collect, manage and publish user-generated video. It’s like MailChimp for video. GV1 makes it super simple for users to create authentic content. It guides them through the simple process step by step, right up to uploading the finished video clip. You receive video clips that are ready to use, and your organization owns all the rights. With one click, you can sort, approve and publish clips to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even your website. Gather Voices seamlessly integrates with sophisticated CRM systems, such as, so that you can easily manage data and analytics for large volumes of video. It’s a whole new way to gather, publish and own vast quantities of user-generated video, and it’s changing the way organizations go to market. Hi, I’m Michael Hoffman, founder of Gather Voices. We’ve created an easy, affordable, user-friendly solutions for businesses and non-profits to get all the video they need in today’s videocentric world. People increasingly want to hear from trusted peers, so the demand for a platform that can collect, manage and publish that video content is massive and growing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? We’re already getting traction, and we’d like to invite you to get in on this unique opportunity and be part of the video revolution. [GATHER VOICES] [User Generated Video Made Easy for Everyone]

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Gather Voices is a new company on the leading-edge of video technology. The GV-One platform from Gather Voices enables organizations to easily collect, manage and publish user-generated video content. It's the first Video Relationship Management platform.

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