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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 15/15

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) take a laser beam that is not gonna burn them, its not gonna kill them It just picks up the wave information from the salamander. You take those salamader eggs, you shine a wave through it, you redirect the wave into frog eggs, guess what happens to the frog's eggs. You get a complete metamorphosis, the genetic material of the frog's eggs becomes canibalized by the wave of the salamander. Canibalized is maybe a strong word to use but it gobbels up all the genetic material that was gonna make a frog and totally writes the code and transforms it into a salamanders's body! And it happens in ONE generation! You have eggs that come up from a frog's body and they turn into a different completely different species. That doesn't take very long, its instantaneous energetic change. And so what we are seeing is, this is the Engine of Evolution. This is what the solar system is doing to us. The Solar System's energy that is causing all the planets to charge up is the same as the energy of the laser that goes through the salamander and shines into the frog, transforms the frog eggs into salamander eggs, and they become healthy adult salamanders, they can breed with each other, they dont get all these genetic problems when they get older, they dont have the complications associated with genetic cloning, or the genetic conundrum that you have with Dolly the sheep, where like the feet go bad, the sheep gets older. So again, have you looked once more, at the fossil record? This 26 million year cycle. Why do you think its happening in such regular intervals of 26 million years? This is Raup and Spekoski. Why do you think they found another cycle that is 62 million years long, what these zones actually represent? Well, here is what we are gonna talk about to cap off the whole talk for you, Galactic bioenergy fields maybe responsible. We now know, thaks to doctor William Tifft, that even though most scientists associate "redshift", which is just a microwave frequency, that's all it is, its microwave light. they associate redshift with distance. Tifft has looked, and his colleagues and people who followed after him, have looked at hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of galaxies, and every single galaxy that they look at has a structure like this. What you are seeing here, is this is high intensity redshift, or high intensity microwaves, and then it goes lower and lower as you go out, so this frequency changes are very regular, this is within a regular galaxy now. And what 's happening is... you can see another example of it here... These are redshift structures, you see the layers... What's happening, we know from Dr, Rosine Lallement, and here's the link, down at the bottom, you can verify this... She thinks its only a coincidence, but what she sees is that the local interestellar medium, the clouds, that are around our Solar System are moving directly away from the center of the galaxy, they are expanding away from the center of the galaxy, So what we are seeing now is, that these guys, these clouds in the galaxy are gonna be expanding away from the center in regular intervals, just like Lallement's discover. This appears to have the energy from the galaxy that reprograms all DNA and all life on Earth. Now I ask you this. If you have this 62 million year cycles in the fossil record, if you have 26 million year cycles in the fossil record, if you have the straighted and evenly different frequencies of microwave energy in the galaxy, if you Dr. Rosine Lallement has proven that the clouds are flowing at us directly from the center of the galaxy, they, dont you think, maybe just maybe, interplanetary climate change is being caused by galactic energy fields which are squeezing in the heliosphere, making it 25 per cent smaller, shooting in particles to the Solar System, causing all of the planets to get charged up, hotter, brighter, more magnetic, and that that energy actually has the DNA wave information to transform every living species on this planet into the next level, because guess what, this is a 62 million year cycle, and the last time it fired up was 65 million years ago. This is probably off because of the variations in the influx of solar radiation, we are at the end of the cycle right now. Now, there is one thing that we are gonna end with, and that's the final proof that is gonna make this all come together for you. I can prove to you that human evolution is already doing what we expect it would do based on interplanetary climate change, based on the science I've shown you, I have the scientific proof, that you are actually evolving genetically, based on this science, check this out. John Hawks, University of Wisconsin Anthropologist, studied evolution in human beings called "positive selection", he found that in the las 5000 years your DNA is upgrading a 100 times faster than ever in human history, in fact the las 40,000 thousand years, have been a time of supercharged evolutionary change. We are more genetically different from people 5000 years ago, that´s 3000 B.C. that´s the time of things like the Summerians and that´s the time of the Indian, Hindu scriptures, we normally think of these people, the old testament is just a little bit after that, ancient Egypt, people building pyramids, we don´t think of them as much different than we are. But if you compare those people that are buiding pyramids on Egypt, to the Neanderthals, Neanderthals! right? with the big clunky brown, nothing like mine, my brow is nothing like that. I´m not a Neanderthals. He compared those people in Egypt with Neanderthals, like me, and they are more similar to the Neanderthals than they are to us. You dont see... you dont think about it because we look around we say, "Oh yeah, these are people, everybody is the same, you know." But look, the genetic proof is already here. We´ve changed more in 5000 years than ever in human hystory and he is calling it supercharged, this is a national mainstream media proof of that. And here´s another one showing that our evolutionary fastlink is increasingly different at a 100 times faster in the last 5000 years. Now here´s the last thing, our average I.Q. has had to be increased three points a decade, it has been studied over 20 different countries by Flynn, and it has continued for over a century! And it is happening the most, our I.Q. is rising the most, in abstrac non verbal patterns, which means it doesnt have to do with us reading more magazines, newspapers and surfing the internet. Its a symbolic intelligence. So this is the hard core proof, scientifically measurable the reason why the I.Q is going up like that is because a score of 100 is supposed to be average, that´s how it´s waded, so in order to keep one hundred average you have to bump it up by three points every hundred years cause everybody is getting so much smarter, you gotta keep knocking down their I.Q score, because everybody now... average is a hundred that means that everybody is so much smarter, now your I.Q. is gonna go down, and down and down which if you have low self esteem could really hurt you. So dont hang out much longer, just you know (Shoots) No, I´m not saying that you should kill yourself of course, unless you are really, really arrogant about your I.Q. Anyway, this is where we are going, it amounts to a cultural renaissance, so the galaxy, and this is the final point, 20 years of study of ESP has proven, scientifically sound studies, he looked at all of these studies, Spottiswoode his name is, to see if people are psychic when its high noon, or at a certain time of the day. He didnt find anything in a normal day, which is where the sun is relative to the center of the Earth, but when the Earths position related to the center of the galaxy was studied, he found that when you are aligned with the center of the galaxy your ESP ability goes up by 400 per cent. This is a mainstream scientific study. So think about this. We now have the proof, and this is where I´m going to end on, we now have the proof that galatic energy, as you see right here, he took 20 years worth of studies into ESP, 20 years, and he found that people got more psychinc when the galactic energy field is hitting them. I´ve showed you layers of fields in the galaxy that are measurable on a superficial level by microwaves, just like near infrared has shown up in the planets, the same thing. I´ve showed you proof from Rosine Lallement that these galactic energy waves are in fact expanding away from the center of the galaxy as they go out. Its not proof, but its certainly circumstancial evidence that strongly leads in that direction. I´m showing you proof that the solar system is changing, proof that the sun´s heliosphere is shrinking, which suggest very strongly a galactic causation. If the galactic energy can make you more intelligent, and if all the species on the Earth are being reprogramed in their DNA, in 62 and 26 million year cycles, and if we are at the end of another 62 million year cycle right now, then lets put our hands together because we are awake and aware, and we are walking into the New Age, maybe in 2012, thank you so much. Alright... I got a standing ov, baby, standing ov.

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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