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Hi, What's your name? Steph And where are you from? Australia Is this your first time in Singapore? No. How many times have you been here? This is my 2nd time Why did you pick Singapore as your travel destination? Our flight has to go through Singapore from Australia. But we decided we rather stay for a short bit and catch a later flight. So how long is your stay here? It has been 2 nights How many more days to go? Thats it. We are leaving tonight How is the culture and environment different in this country different from where you are from in Australia? People here seem a lot more disclipline So theres a lot more of structure? Thats not at home? So even like getting on/off the trains theres a system, with the lines and stuff? and if that was at home, people will just be all over the place And you are liking this discipline system? What are the other places in the world that you'd like to travel to? Vietnam, Cambodia? Africa, Egypt? Thats a long list Italy? France? Is there any reason why? We like travelling So when you travel, do you prefer to go to different countries for short stays or be in one country for a long period of time? We do both. So we just finished 5 weeks in Europe and its on average of 3 days in a country. So we have done 9 countries in 5 weeks, including Singapore So what was your favourite so far? Its so hard to say So are you a foodie? Probably, most australians are So what is your favourite food? Have you tried any Singapore's specials? I really haven't. Because we are travelling with kids. we are a little bit restricted (with choices) we don't want to go anywhere too fancy What is your most favourite thing apart from the railway and efficiently whats your favourite thing about the country? Probably just the people in general And your least favourite thing? The cost So do you like Singapore enough to come back again? Yeah, yeah, yeah It was lovely talking to you, thank you so much for your time

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