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Hell or Heaven - It's Your Choice. Sadhguru

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so blowing the hell out of you should help you blown out of you or no? should be isn't it? so we created devices, methods possibilities, sadhanas which can blow the hell out of you suppose I blow the hell out of you, maybe there is nothing much left (Laughs)... really so instead of blowing out we try to push the hell out of you in installments. so that you have time to fill it up with heaven when I say love, light and laughter the time has come... now the lady asked it is a prophecy? so you always believe that heaven will descend upon you somewhere in the future when they'll fix the date, some yuga will come you know you are in the most horrible yuga? You know that? According to whatever belief systems... you are in the most horrible yuga! most horrible time... in this creation is yours yes... (nods) and it has always been so for a certain set of people (laughs) for a certain set of people right through the history it has always be so for some people... it has always been the most wonderful time for certain people so some people blew the heaven out of them some people blew the hell out of them Is somebody trying to blow the heaven out of you? huh.. ? no? .... you're married? (laughter)... so nobody is trying the blow the heaven out of you so lets blow the hell out of you both are there in you isn't it? Yes? both are there isnt it ? moments of sweetness and joy moments of misery and unnecessary pain both are there isn't it? so there is hell and heaven the choice is just this which one you want to blow out so I am talking of blowing the hell out of you

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 21, 2010 A preview to the video release "Hell or Heaven - It's Your Choice"; available now at the Isha Download Store! Escaping our personal hell can appear daunting and impossible. In Hell or Heaven, Sadhguru 'blows the hell out of you,' through the direct and powerful life choices that offer a way out of our self-created prisons."If you want to blow the hell out, you don't have to struggle with hell or with past karma; you just have to bring that necessary consciousness and awareness into everything that you do."- Sadhguru

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