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SpaceVidcast SpaceUp Ignite Talk - Space is Boring

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So Space is BORING, right? I'm a huge space nerd, I love space! I've always ... I wanted to be an astronaut, I would love to be a space tourist. But NASA is making space so boring, so, so, SO BORING that ... you might have to go to the next slide, it might be jammed or something, Keep going. Hit the button up there. Just hit the arrow. There we go. Space is this boring! So BORING! Slide's jammed, hit a button! There we go. This is NASA TV! Has anyone watched it? Did you stay awake for more than five seconds? This is the most boring thing EVER! Seriously! They are talking to people on a space station that's going 18,000 miles an hour! [Zzzzz.... on slide] We have a space station! We have a space shuttle! How cool are those names? Right now they're talking about her and that she's sitting at her desk. I pulled this down from NASA TV this morning. This is today. NASA's killing, killing, killing space! Why?? I'll tell you why! There are no human beings in space! There are robots in human bodies okay? They're not allowed to talk like human beings and they just ... they don't tell us what Space is like. These guys, these were people right? They had wives, they had kids, they had, you know, lives! They talked about space, they were fighter pilots! They were cool! Everybody wanted to be them, everyone loved them. We knew who they were! Name two astronauts! Oh good! Okay. We've got six in space, we should have had six! Okay so seriously, this is one of the coolest things a human being has ever seen ever! And it gets described like, [takes on monotone voice] "Well the space station is entering ... It's BORING! It's insanely boring! So the public right, we've got a crisis. The public's going, "Why the hell are we paying for this?" "Seriously, we've got our own problems. Why are we funding this?" Well, it's simple. NASA's not telling us what they're doing. They're telling us what they're doing in an incredibly technical sense. But they're not telling us what they're actually doing. And then we only pay attention when things go horribly wrong. This is one of the biggest things that ever happened in my life! This is Challenger. My mom picked me up from school, she was crying! I, that shouldn't be the biggest thing that happened in space. This, this is cool! This is awesome, right? But it's not NASA, this is private enterprise right? This is cool. These are people, right? We know who these people are. We know who he is at least. [points to Richard Branson] We certainly know who he is right? [points to Burt Rutan] They're people. We know who these people are, right? These are people that are going into space and talking to us and twittering and blogging and, you know, they're humans. We can interact with them. They can look at Earth from 250 miles up, traveling 18,000 miles an hour and tell us what it looks like. And put it in human terms right? They can explain it to us in a way that touches us and grips us, right? So why does NASA sideline them? Why do they sideline space tourism? Why do they say that it's not important, that what they do is important? So what does NASA have to do? NASA has to convince us that they're worth it. They need to tell us WHY they need 19 billion dollars. What they're going to do with it and why it's important. There is PEOPLE in that! That's our HOME! THIS IS AWESOME! Right? This is INCREDIBLE! And seriously, this is the first time I saw this photo. I pulled this down this morning. I bet these people have names. Right? And I bet they have families, and I bet when they go into space they feel things. Right? And they could probably tell us what those things are and they could tell us what being in space is so ... This is going away, right? Constellation is canceled. So what the hell is our 19 billion dollars going for, right? What are we going to do next? What are we doing? As far as I know, we're sending robots to Mars, which is awesome. But, we're sending people that are just faceless robots into a multi-billion dollar, or hundred billion dollar space station. So what can we do, right? It's on us. I don't trust NASA. They've got a corporate culture that is not going to start switching around and all of a sudden allowing astronauts to actually tell us what they feel. So we need to educate. We need to tell kids that space is cool, alright? It's awesome. But not just tell them that, show them! Let them do cool things ... That looks pretty cool, right? I want to do that! That looks fun, right? The media. The media needs to start portraying ... Astronauts are Olympic athletes. We know everything about our athletes and we know nothing about our astronauts! Right? We need ... These guys are so awesome! They're going into space and there's only like 400 of them, so why don't we know all about them? On a personal level, tweet if you can, write stories, right? Blog, make video games, do TV shows, do web series, tell your sister that space is cool! That's one person - we win! I think it died. It's got one more. Anyway, so space is awesome right? And NASA's not going to tell us that it's awesome, so we need to tell everyone else that it's awesome. The only way that we can do that is by doing it in our own way, right? We each have one or two people we can tell that space is cool. We can explain it to them, we can put it in our own words and reach as many people as we can. Thank you. [loud applause]

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