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The animal cell

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The object which you see is a model of an animal cell. Animal cells are one of the most basic types of eukaryotic cells. Animal cells are the foundation of all animals which are made up of multiple cells and which have a nucleus and membrane–bound organelles. The main parts of the animal cell are the mitochondria, microfilaments, lysosomes, Golgi apparatus, smooth E.R., rough E.R., microtubules, cell membrane, ribosomes and nucleus. This is an example of mitochondria. Mitochondria are small organelles that transfer energy from organic molecules to ATP. ATP is the main type of power which runs a cell, making the mitochondria very important. This is an example of a microfilament. Microfilaments are long tube-like threads made of the protein actine. This is an example of a lysosome, lysosomes are vesicles created by the Golgy apparatus which contain digestive enzymes. lysosomes can break down molecules such as protein, nucleic acid, carbohydrates and phospholipids. This is an example of the Golgi apparatus, the Golgi apparatus is a system of membranous sacs. The purpose of the Golgi apparatus is to transport vesicles and the things which they carry. This is an example of smooth E.R.The smooth E.R. builds lipids for the cell. The smooth E.R. is made smooth due to a lack of ribosomes which the rough E.R. has. This is an example of the rough E.R., the rough E.R. transports molecules from one part of the cell to another, the rough E.R. is made rough by the ribosomes which cut its surface. This is an example of the cell membrane. A cell membrane manages and controls which molecules are allowed to enter or exit its cell. This is an example of ribosome. Ribosomes are somewhat spherical organelles that serve the purpose of building proteins. Also ribosomes are created by the cytoplasm. This is an example of a nucleus. The nucleus controls most of the functions that go on within a cell. The nucleus also contains the cells’ genetic information. Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope that you better understand the structure of the animal cell

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Short description of an animal cell

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