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Masaf - War kills Children as well

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Desteni Presents: Masaf Hi my name is Masaf I am a child was a child here in this world in Iraq that died during the excursions that have taken place, over the past few years I died six months, four weeks ago I was nine years old and I had only my father my mother had already passed away when I was born so it was only myself and my father and one evening he sat me down in my room and he looked at me and he said to me that there are intruders in our land that are here for what they think or feel is right to do therefore, we must do what is right for us this land is ours, this home is ours and we have to fight for what is our because if we just lift up our hands and give up and give in that that would mean the greatest shame until oneself and one's family and those that have gone before us which prepared this land this home this place within which we lived she is ours and- from that day he had shown me how to use a gun a big one very long he showed me pictures of soldiers and troops and what they look like and he says: If they come you shoot them because we have to protect what is ours we come from this earth this land this place therefore we must fight, we must protect and the only way to protect is to fight and it was- the closest that I have been to my father during the time that he had trained me to use a weapon he had trained me not to fear, he had trained me to stand and one evening my grand mother had phoned and she said that they were invading and destroying their homes the troops that have come in come through and when we got there- there were shooting going on, bombing the homes being destroyed and there is- there was four different wars going on in Iraq at once the families, gangs, troops, networks are various of all kinds- together and we got there and I had my weapon, my father had his weapon and we just wanted to get to my grand mother's home so we are able to help her protect herself and it was just going crazy there there were- all sorts of people running screaming crying shootings fires and I was petrified I was so scared of being shot because I knew it would hurt I was afraid of the pain I was afraid of bleeding I was afraid of dying but I had to not be afraid otherwise I would be killed in fear and my father taught me that- is not acceptable that would bring shame onto me so, I push through the tears push through the fear and I remember coming to my grand mother's place and she was lying on the floor she was dead her house has given in, she has rocks on her, and I had never seen a dead body before and then two men came barging into that house and shot both myself and my father and these men within their eyes had this madness rage and that was the last picture I saw because it is just a picture that we see in this world their eyes were mad fierce- fierce madness and I mean what has happened to this world? we have to fight to protect ourselves we have to become these monsters children have to become killers to be able to exist in this world and the hardest part that my father had to do is trained his own son to use a weapon to fight with him to protect what is ours, to protect ourselves we have to stop the wars within ourselves as you must stop the war within yourself the madness of fury and rage and anger that is feeding this entire manifestation of war in this world please hear, please see, what is going on in this world children are suffering greatly as I have thank you- very much CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 8, 2010


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