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Social Media Can Get You to Paradise by Mufti Menk

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you can use media the social networking and social media to paradise very quickly, quicker than before. Did you know that? today i can speak to a million peoples Before i know it 20 million, 30 million. Subhanallah, how? if i put up something interesting, even if my account is unknown. Something interesting the whole world, would be just the world If it is good you get a good reward if it is bad, your sin is multiply Allah speaks of others but the decent is for us as well "they will hold the burdens, their own burdens on the day of judgements and the burdens of many others, they will hold them on their own shoulders" to simple explanation, you never ever hold the burdens of others, unless you are connected to that burden. unless you are the person who caused that then you are responsible. So this is why we saying, may Allah who give us how you use your Facebook is very important and how you use Whatsapp is extremely important. So much i love, when have we used our phone to contact our brothers our sisters to solve problems? to invited people towards goodness? when have we used our Facebook and our Twitter to retweet something of goodness, so that we can get a reward for everyone who seen that message? we are building our paradise in a far more easy way. Allah blessed us with opportunities. Use the opportunities. Your mobile phone will bear witness for you or against you on the day of ama. So use it in a way that you will be proud of it, coming up and saying this, 'I was only used by this man or this woman to speak goodness and to do something good'

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Social Media Can Get You to Paradise by Mufti Menk

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