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The spine's importance in spiritual growth. Sadhguru

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the spine we call it Meru Dhandha Meru Dhandha means it is the axis of the universe a human being can live just as a biological entity or he can transform himself into such a thing, he is almost like the center of the universe so one dimension of you which determines which direction you go how your spine is functioning how the energies in your spine are functioning right now determines almost everything about where you go within the spine if you know the physical construction of the spine you would know there are two holes on either side of the spine which is like a conduit pipe for all the nerves to pass this is the Ida and the Pingala the right and the left channels which represents the dualities of the creation which are connected to two parts of the brain, today the medical science also is identifying left brain and right brain and whatever this is Ida and Pingala in the far eastern term they call it yin and yang or in traditional hindu terms they call it Shiva and Shakthi it's called by various names fundamentally the two dualities of the existence which is the basis of the physical reality beyond this there is a central space, it's an empty space flowing through. In the spinal cord there is an empty space this is the Sushumna now bringing a balance between these two will establish you well, in this life it will make you effective in the world it'll make you handle life aspects well but if your energies enter into Sushumna and in Sushumna you can bring various kinds of qualities into Sushumna fundamentally Sushumna is attributeless it has no quality of its own it is like empty space. empty space is there you can create anything you want, isn't it? so once energies enter into Sushumna we say you will attain to Vairagya 0:03:15.969,0:03:17.829 Vairagya means Raga means colour Vairag means no colour no colour means you have become transparent if you have become transparent the advantage of being transparent is right now if what's behind me is red I turn red too if what's behind is blue I turn blue too unprejudiced wherever you are you become a part of that but nothing sticks to you anywhere you go if you are among red people you can be totally red but the redness doesn't stick to you for a moment you're red because you are transparent you're among green people you are totally green but the green-ness does not stick to you either wherever you go, you become that but nothing sticks to you only if you're like this only if you're in a state of Vairag then you will dare to explore all dimensions of life when you live here if any color sticks to you if red has stuck to you you will resist going into the green if green has stuck to you, you will resist going into the blue whatever sticks to you, you will resist going into the next one because you will develop this prejudice of this is right, this is wrong, this is okay that is not okay it will restrict your flow of life so all this mechanism is fundamentally built into the spine, not in the brain it is in the spine if you manipulate the spine in a certain way the very way your mind and the brain functions can be greatly altered I should not be saying all these things I can blow your head off just by touching your spine, you know really I can just touch your spine and have you, your brain going into a real tizzy because spine is the root so when you do the kriya, when you generally in your life except for sleeping postures its good to keep the spine erect that itself will do many things to you many things

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seekers asks Sadhguru to explain the significance of the spine in relation to one's spiritual growth. Sadhguru explains that the balance of energies in your spine can determine the outcome of your progress spiritually. (AO75)

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