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Ivanti + University of Cambridge

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University of Cambridge user base is always growing and we're looking at ways to innovate using technology to improve and deliver a better service to our customers. At the moment, we're at ITSM service manager in the cloud customer from Ivanti, and that's allowed us to start using the Ivanti products and see what it can do for us. It's over the entry that we've taken to, sort of, unify multiple different service desk tools that we've had in the environment from different groups and departments merging together to create this core IT department. By having that, we've merged at least three different service desk tools into one which now allows us to pass tickets around the organization quicker, things don't get lost like they used to. It's giving a better customer experience to both staff and students. It is allowing us to start doing more things like deliver service requests, which are now meaning that people can get access to services quicker. It's really allowing us to do more things with IT and not need to keep scaling up our IT department. So what we're working on at the moment is Bot with Ivanti and the idea behind that is to deal with the large amount of joining as the leaders that are coming into the organization, so 12,000 students joining the organization. I have to scale up my service desk to be able to cope with that for the four weeks of the year and the number one thing that a student will lasts for is to gain access to the wireless, so if we can have a Bot, the students able to chat with directly, get the information about how to join the wireless. I don't have to deal with 12,000 students ringing up the phone on a Monday morning asking how do I get an access to the wireless. So it will help to, sort of, level out the peaks and troughs that we see throughout the year and those types of things are very important to us. So it's a great tool that I can see is using, you know, now but also how we can use that in the future is really exciting to me. We've integrated with Zapya, which allows us to actually deliver when a major incident happens directly to develop a team or a support team to be able to deal with that incident quicker. And obviously, using slack allows the user to be anywhere with their own personal mobile device and get access to that message directly, so they don't have to be logged into the service manager tool, they've actually got access to what's happening directly now and they know they need to drop everything and just log on to the tool to see what's happened. Delivering IT is hard for any department, including the University of Cambridge, is constantly changing and evolving, so it's hard to keep up. So what you've got to concentrate on is having a good base of core IT with a good solution behind you and if you can deliver that, then it allows creativity to flourish.

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