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Subbing, timing and encoding by: Seanyu7 & SweeetTaeng this is my 1st project, hope u all enjoy!!!~ pls leave comments for me to improve, the rest will be timed and encoded by SweetTaeng! ENJOY! [preview, not subbing] Hello everyone!!! Hello everyone!!! *dunno wad the name*, the one-day MC daddy. What's happening? really happy to meet everyone here today I am … really happy to meet you all!!! It’s his big day today for our Kyugsan! Let have a look at our Soshi mom After *one day daddy name*, it time for our Soshi moms to take the stage! Lets welcome them on stage! So PRETTY!!! Are they my mothers??? Lets have this mom to share her thoughts of KS’s 1st bdae? What do you wish for? [Soo]: becoz KS real parents are present so shall not say much [Soo]: We wont say too much Most importantly, KS has grown so much and love to smile Although he still needs a lending hand while walking Soshi mommies are really different from their usual self But still, KS has grown a lot. Even professionals stumble while given their comment But still, KS has grown a lot. Even professionals stumble while given their comment Really Cute, ♥ by everyone Wish that in the future…. This party is for our KS [H]: Now KS can relate with us The food KS eats are all of his favorites! KS favorite??? The food KS eats are his favorite KS saying Soshi mom’s clothes are “Beautiful” upon seeing them wear it. Liking Soshi mom’s clothes? Who say one? Liking Soshi mom’s clothes? KS ! Liking Soshi mom’s clothes? Ah! KS said it! Pretty!!! Pretty!!! Ah! Pretty! “Noona is so pretty”~ even singing it. my mommies are "beautiful", everyone knows of that! happy my mommies are "beautiful", everyone knows of that! happy Looks like KS sings quite well Looks like KS sings quite well [Y]: Hoping that todae’s party would leave behind wonderful memories for KS That’s right! Correct! Alright, Let KS 1st Bdae party begin Little Prince KS is 1 year old. Lets all congratulate him. As the food would take some time, lets recall KS profile Cho KS born on 23rd August 2008 After which, met Korea’s most popular group of today, SNSD mommies. 3 months ago, after meeting Soshi mommies. After which, met Korea’s most popular group of today, SNSD mommies. I also want to be KS Becoming a role model for all Korean Boys KS comments are? KS, do you have any comments? Because he’s hungry, so he eating now So we shall hear the comments later bah With all the love the 9 Moms have been showering, KS hairstyle is so trendy. Most trendy “bangs” With all the love the 9 Moms have been showering, KS hairstyle is so trendy. Creating a new fashion for babies in korea Understanding the taste of “jajjiangmian” and it’s history At 10 months old, starting his life’s 1st relationship Lets give a round of applause to KS who grew up healthy in the arms of Soshi mommies Thankz for helping me grow up healthly Program No 1: Congratz KS, its cutting cake time! Isn’t it interesting? X2 KS has arrived on stage Now it’s time to blow the candles Our KS 1st birthday Ready? 1…2…3…4 *bdae song* wont sub 1..2..3 what wish did KS wish for while blowing the candles? Soshi mommies wish is that KS will forever be happy [H]Cake to the face!!! The lower level is from everyone for KS future [dun really understand] “Cheers time” our future [something], get your drinks ready Please raise your drinks and cheers together with us Adults use champagne! we shall cheers using champagne Open the champagne bottle [H]: Do you know how to open it? Of course! Its only opening champagne mah! Full of confidence! [daddy's name dunno] [Soo]: Opening of champagne! If it’s not opened properly, it will scare the babies... Playing with the bottle cock [sry it sounds wrong!] The guests are already scared. Does that uncle really know how to open? Everyone hates it [H]: The babies wont get scared right? Be careful Suddenly The Champagne is opened! Pls give a round of applause [H]: Got sacred Everyone pls take a glass of champagne Soshi mom’s beautiful glasses Then I shall use the bottle Come on, lets all raise our glasses I will say cheers and u all reply congratulation Cheers Congratulationz [Seo]: Congratulation KS KS Happy? ??? Ah... What is next [Seo]: Delicious! Ah..... what comes after “cheers”? Hold on a moment Did everyone “cheers” already? With that, since the candles have been blown, now it’s time to cut the cake Time to cut the cake Finally, it’s cake cutting time! KS, lets cut the cake together come lets cut the cake [H] Daddy must also participate Me too... together? I seriously don’t know if my role today is the daddy or the MC? KS ar, it’s daddy ar, your one-day daddy Why does it look like a family? Alright, 1..2..3 CUT! The real parents looking in awe. Clap.. clap.. Clap Aigo, nicely cut there Next Up is Eating Cake time!!! We’ve prepared snacks and cakes for everyone to enjoy As today is KS 1st birthday party, There are other celebrities that have sent forward their congratulatory messages Lets have a look at it together Program No 2: Yuri & Tiffany mom's self cam of congratulatory msg frm celebrities BEGIN! this is a present for KS Camera Women: Tiff, MC: Yuri [Yuri]: Hello everyone! Camera Women: Tiff, MC: Yuri [Yuri]: can it record? Yuri & Fany mom recording the video message personally for KS [Yuri]: It's KS 1st Bdae So [Yuri]: Tiff and I are at a music program recording this video live [Yuri]: there are a lot of people at the station [Yuri]: we’re heading over there to record the messages [Yuri] KS can watch this video when he grows up and he would be happy right? [Yuri]: Lets go! Recording of congratulatory messages [Yuri]: Lets go! Recording of congratulatory messages [Yuri]: NO [Tiff]: haha [Yuri]: This is just for KS [Yuri]: Lets go [Y&T] really sorri for not being able to attend your 1st bdae party, but we will do a great job! [Yuri]: does everyone know KS? [MC Mong]: KS ah! I was ur one-day daddy long time no see Mong daddy [MC Mong]: heard that u’re one-year old [MC Mong]: you must grow up healthily alright [MC Mong]: don’t forget Daddy [MC Mong]: KS ah! Do u have anything u need? say faster say [KS]: can you understand my language? [MC Mong]: it’s alright? That’s good! [MC Mong]: it would be weird if u said something [MC Mong]: Must be fortunate ar! If you miss daddy, be sure to contact me ar! [MC Mong]: KS ah, Saranghae ♥ […]: KS, Hi! 2nd one-day daddy *dun know name* I am *name* […]: Firstly, Happy Birthday! […]: Don’t change your beautiful features, the way you smile is so beautiful […]: Daddy has already said it? you must reply when the adults talk to you.... […]: dun cry, in the future also dun cry. […]: about the “selection game”[dunno wad u call it], daddy personally would like u to choose $$$ […]: Wishing you from the bottom of my heart [...]: KS, stay healthy Hwaiting! 3rd one-day daddy *dun know name* […]: Congratulation […]: Wishing our cool and handsome KS a Happy Bdae […]: Our KS in the arms of Soshi mommies, […]: bringing together the 1st year bdae party, how’s ur feelings? [H]: Good/Happy! […]: may you healthily and prettily grow up [...]: hope that u grow up quickly […]: KS ah, I miss you! Congratulations! KS, Hi, I am best dad ??? Gained many fond memories during the time with KS […]: daddy also sang for you.... we had a happy and enjoyable time together […]: it’s finally ur 1st year bdae party

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