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*A user* made a request. He wanted me to make a crane, like you see in a scrap yard that's got an electromagnet at the end of it, for picking things up. So, what I've actually done here... I've got a cheap toy, an electric toy car from the charity shop. It should have batteries underneath it. But, I've extended the wires along this bit of cable, so that I can control it backwards and forwards using this remote control. And, then with this remote control I can control a servo that I've got an arm on, and, an electromagnet on the end. So, I should be able to pick it up or down. It's all a bit some over controlled. So, it's not quite as smooth as I'd like it to be. But, I should be able to maneuver the car, or truck. And, pick up those drawing pins... there are not drawing pins; paper clips. It looks like one's stuck to the arm. Lift it up. Yes, we've got one there. Let's see if I can drop it. Yeah. Coming down again. Got another one! Yes. Now, can we go forwards and backwards? Moved a bit. No. I'm having trouble getting right buttons. All right. It seemed to have jammed a bit. What's wrong with you? Oh, they might just be the batteries running down a bit. Yeah. I think that's all that is. So, it works. This thing got me steering though. All right. That maneuvered itself close enough though. It seems so. Yeah. That's got the other one. Basically, instead of being nicely or smoothly controlled by your... right there control, that servo's just off or wrong. So, that's why it's a bit jerky. But, it all works. I might as well show you a little close up. So, right here, it's a cheap toy car. It normally has a battery in there. And, an ON/OFF switch there. But, I've brought the wires from there onto this bit of cable. The servo, I've modified that so that it just works of DC voltage. So, that also goes down to the cable. And, then The electromagnet, just ran some wire around, on a little ferrite rod there. And, that's controlled simply by that ON/OFF switch there. So... Up and Down with that. Up and Down with that. Magnet ON and OFF with that. And, forwards and backwards with that. Job done.

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Posted by: pgtranscribes on Apr 23, 2015


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