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LEXUS HOVERBOARD THE SCIENCE Hovering in general is a dream of man-kind. I was always very interested in seeing how my toys work. I dismantled them, looking inside, and maybe that influenced my whole life. When Lexus approached with that question for a new project we thought it will not work but let’s try it. But we did it step by step. We thought it would be really interesting. And we thought maybe they need a track of 10 meters and this can all be done and be quite easy. When I then heard about these plans for jumping and other things, then “okay, that’s a tough job.” This track has three poles, a north pole, a south pole and then a north pole. And in between there’s a magnetic field which is on top of the track. Now how to see this with your eyes? You cannot see anything of course, but you can sense it with some magnetic material. As soon as you come closer you feel the force of the magnetic field. 25 years ago, the high temperature superconductors were detected. The superconductors inside of the board are made of Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide, and if you bring the super conducting material at a distance above this track, and cool it down with liquid nitrogen, it gets its super conducting properties. Then, this stores this magnetic fields and it’s able to levitate above this track segment as long as it is cold. A very stable levitation is possible, which is passive. You do not need any energy for this. One can freeze in a magnetic field in the superconductor. I was questioned “could you imagine having inclines?” we answered, “Yes”, and tried to build one. And then came the declines and then came the bended curves in a very small radius, and so things developed. It’s a really, really amazing, fascinating project. We hope to inspire people. This project may show them nothing is impossible.

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