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Bank of Mum & Dad

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Deborah Powell just loves to live the high life. She's a Liverpool lass with very expensive taste in… well…everything. Trouble is Deborah's champagne lifestyle takes every penny she's got… … and then some. Result: she's sinking deeper and deeper into debt. Deborah's parents Harold and Hillary are about to find out just how much trouble their daughter's in. Oh my God! I think that's disgusting! You're making me feel sick! And now with the help of Bank of Mum and Dad they're moving in for one week to take total control of Deborah's finances. Bank of Mum and Dad's financial adviser Lawrence Gold will be on hand to back them up. No, no, c'mon! You don't live at home, why should they pay? But Harold and Hillary have just one week to try and get their daughter back in the black. The very first thing we´ll do is to take Deborah's car back. How am I gonna do my usual things? How am I gonna go out at night? One week to try and stop Deborah's debts from ruining the rest of their life. So how does a thoroughly modern miss who's deep in the red while away an overcast Friday lunchtime in Manchester? Well, if you're twenty four year-old Deborah Powell, even if your credit is drying up, you splash out hundreds of pounds on the latest must-haves. I don't plan on what I'm gonna buy, I see something I like and I'll buy it, and then worry about it later. In the last three months Deborah's dedication to shopping has set her back a cool thousand pounds, all on the credit card, of course. I don't want to have what every Tom, Dick and Harry's got, walking on the high street, I wanna be different, stand out. Can I try these boots on? Sorry Mum Hillary might share her daughter's passion for fashion, but she's not distracted by fancy labels. It's the price tags first for this mum. Hillary's worked in department stores for the last thirty years. So she's quids in with her 20% staff discount. And how does Mum pay for it? Strictly cash, thank you very much. It's a cash-only zone on Dad's market stall too. The only plastic around here comes hula-hoop-shaped. Harold's worked at his stall here in Whitney's market since Deborah was a teenager. But he's not holding out much hope of his daughter joining him in the family business. Quite a few times I've asked her Deborah to come and give me a hand at the market where I work, but she's always declined, I... just can't get her to change. Friday night and now she's got the new tux, Deborah's ready to join a party for a posh dinner. All on me! But the finer things in life don't come cheap. Nights out on the town regularly eat up half of Deborah's total monthly wage, more than four hundred pounds. While I'm here, let's just treat myself. having to miss out on things, because you miss it out on life.

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