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Interview with Elie Domota

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If any Guadeloupean protester, or member of LKP is ever wounded, there will be deaths! It has to be clear in people's mind! I'm repeating it solemnly, If any protester is wounded in the context of the general strike, or if a member of LKP is wounded, there will be deaths! And what if a company manager is injured by a member of LKP. I am repeating it again, if any member of LKP is injured, there will be deaths! What if it's the opposite? If any member of LKP is injured, there will be deaths, there is nothing else to say about this! We cannot accept that, in a country like Guadeloupe, which is eaten up by unemployment, by underemployment, by racism, the Government can only reply with insults and contempt and that the only reply from the Békés, Willy Angèle and the company managers is "no negociation" and what is their last offer? 1.6% increase of the lower salaries, it doesn't even match the cost of living. They are offering a 1.6% increase... It is as if they....(Host) so, you stick up to your position, you don't loosen the strike It is not about loosening, it is just that today those people must respect Guadeloupeans in Guadeloupe We're telling the Békés, Mr Angèle and Mrs Koury, that we will not back up on this case. If they want to repeat the "May 67" events in Guadeloupe, today, they need to know, that we will but this time, we won't die, this time, we will not die! We are saying it solemnly: We will not die! Therefore, if they want to repeat the events, if they want civil war, they'll find us facing them!

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Posted by: jenbrea on Feb 18, 2009

Elie Domota warns violence if any protestors are hurt.

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