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The Venus Project

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What we want to do is to eliminate the causes of the problems, eliminate the processes that produce greed and bigotry and prejudice and people taking advantage of one another and elitism eliminating the need for prisons and welfare. we have always had these problems because we have always lived within scarcity and barter and monetary systems that produce scarcity. If you eradicate the conditions that generate, what you call socially offensive behavior, it does not exist. Well the guy says; wasn't that inborn? No it is not. There is no human nature, there is human behavior and thats always being changed throughout history. You are not born with bigotry and greed and corruption and hatred. You pick that up within the society. War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system, that is to say there will be very little significant change. It's going to take the redesign of our culture, our values and it has to be related to the carrying capacity of the Earth. Not some Human opinion or some politicians notions of the way the world ought to be or some religious notions of the conduct of Human affairs and that is what The Venus Project is about. The society that we are about to talk about is a society that is free of all the old superstitions, incarceration, prisons, police, cruelty and all law. All laws will disappear and the professions will disappear that are no longer valid, such as stock brokers, bankers, advertising, gone forever because it's no longer relevant. When we understand that it is technology devised by human ingenuity which frees humanity and increases our quality of life, we then realize that the most important focus we can have is on the intelligent management of the Earth's resources. For it is from these natural resources that we gain the materials to continue our path of prosperity. Understanding this, we then see that money fundamentally exists as a barrier to these resources for virtually everything has a financial cost. And why do we need money to obtain these resources? Because of real or assumed scarcity. We don't usually pay for air and tap water because it is in such high abundance selling it would be pointless. So then, logically speaking if resources and technologies applicable to creating everything in our societies such as houses, cities and transportation were in high enough abundance there would be no reason to sell anything. Likewise if automation and machinery were so technologically advanced as to relieve human beings from labour there would be no reason to have a job. And with these social aspects taken care of there would be no reason to have money at all. So the ultimate question remains; Do we on Earth have enough resources and technological understanding to create a society of such abundance that everything we have now could be available without a price tag and without the need for submission through employment? Yes we do. We have the resources and technology to enable this at a minimum along with the ability to raise the standard of living so high that people in the future will look back at our civilization now and gawk at how primitive and immature our society was. What the venus project proposes is an entirely different system that's updated to present day knowledge. We have never given scientists the problem of how do you design a society that would eliminate boring and monotonous jobs, that would eliminate accidents in transportation. That would enable people to have a high standard of living. That would eliminate poisons in our food. That would give us other sources of energy that are clean and efficient. We can do that out there. The major difference between a resource based economy and a monetary system is that a resource based economy is really concerned with people and their well being where a monetary system has become so distorted that the concerns of the people are really secondary if they are there at all. The products that are turned out are for how much money you can get. If there is a problem in society and you can't earn money from solving that problem, then it won't be done. A resource based economy is really not close to anything that has been tried. With all our technology today, we can create abundance. It can be used to improve everyones lifestyle. Abundance all over the world if we can use our technology wisely and maintain the environment. It's a very different system and it's very hard to talk about because the public is not that well informed as to the state of technology. At present we don't have to burn fossil fuels. We don't have to use anything that would contaminate the environment. There are many sources of energy available. Alternative energy solutions pushed by the establishment such as hydrogen, biomass and even nuclear are highly insufficient, dangerous and exist only to perpetuate the profit structure the industry has created. When we look beyond the propaganda and self-serving solutions put forth by the energy companies we find a seemingly endless stream of clean, abundant and renewable energy for generating power. Solar and wind energy are well known to the public but the true potential of these mediums remain unexpressed. Solar energy derived from the sun, has such abundance that one hour of light at high noon, contains more energy than what the entire world consumes in a year. If we can capture one hundredth of a percent of this energy the world would never have to use oil, gas or anything else. The question than is not availability but the technology to harness it and there are many advanced mediums today to accomplish just that. If they were not hindered by the need to compete for market share with the established energy power structures. Then there is wind energy, wind energy has long been denounced as weak and due to be location driven, impractical. This is simply not true. The U.S. department of energy admitted in 2007, that if wind was fully harvested in just three of America's fifty states, it could power the entire nation. And then there are the rather unknown mediums of tidal and wave power. Tidal power is derived from tidal shifts in the ocean. Installing turbines which capture this movement generates energy. In the United Kingdom 42 sites are currently noted as available. Forecasting that 34% of all the U.K.'s energy could come from tidal power alone. Wave power which extracts energy from the surface motions of the Ocean is estimated to have a global potential of up to 80,000 terawatt hours a year. This means 50% of the entire planets energy usage could be produced from this medium alone. Now it is important to point out that tidal, wave, solar and wind power requires virtually no preliminary energy to harness. Unlike coal, oil, gas, biomass, hydrogen and all the others. In combination these 4 mediums alone if efficiently harnessed through technology, could power the world forever. That been said there happens to be another form of clean, renewable energy which trumps them all. Geothermal power. Geothermal energy utilizes what is called heat mining which through a simple process using water, is able to generate massive amounts of clean energy. In 2006 a M.I.T. report on geothermal energy found that 13,000 ZJ of power are currently available in the Earth. With the possibility of 2,000 ZJ being easily tapeable by improved technology. The total energy consumption of all the countries on the planet is about half a ZJ a year. This means about 4,000 years of the planetary power could be harnessed by this medium alone. And when we understand that the Earth's heat generation is constantly renewed, this energy is really limitless and can be used forever. These energy sources are only a few of the clean, renewable mediums available and as time goes on we will find more. The grand realization is that we have total energy abundance without the need of pollution, traditional conservation or in fact a price tag.

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part 1 of 3, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows talk about the possibilities in a different system.

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