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La France interdit le port du voile intégral

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. Today in France, the law of banning the wear of the full veil in public, comes strong When we talk about the full veil ,it is obviously the issue of the burqa, which blocks the distinguish of the eyes or the niqab, which leaves the eyes uncovered Two veiled women demonstrating against enforcing the law have been arrested and fined over $ 200. I have talked with Antoine bassbouss, who is a political scientist and the director of the observatory of the Arab Countries, who was in our studios in paris Mr. Bassbouss. Hello Hello Sir It is an almost unique law in the world for which two principles come together: equality between men and women and then freedom of religion How did France arrive to ban the full veil? Listen, freedom of the Muslim religion as the Catholic as the Jewish as the one of those believing in nothing is garenteed in France. In contrast, those who want to wear the niqab or the burqa, belong to a sect that has nothing to do with Islam. It is a cult that uses this dress code that comes from Saudi Arabia, the Pakistanis of Taliban or from the Afghans. It has nothing to do with the requirements of islam .... in France Muslims who are Sunnis , Shiia, Druz, Alawi or Ismaili, they all have complete freedom of worship Often much more than their country of origin or when we are in a Sunni country , the Shiiaa don't have any freedom of their believe and vice versa .... You can't be a Sunni in Iran or Shiiaa in Saudi ..... In contrast, All these sects can be found in France with the complete exercise of their believes ................./ But at the same time in Quebec Quebec for example, the debate is stressed, we look at the government as an open secular one, which means you can wear religious symbols. We don't prohibit the wearing of the veil. Isn't it that extreme to prohibit the wear of the full veil? Look, the history of France is not identical to the one of Quebec or Canada. In France, secularism was imposed on the church even if it was founded on its principles, France was founded on the principles of the church over two centuries ago, and this secularism that was applied to the church, which represents most of the French citizens who have derived from Catholicism. In contrast, France does not have to submit to the desires of a sect derived from Islam and that has nothing to do with Islam, which has intervened in the 21st century, so I understand the legitimacy of this ban of these women who can also represent a threat to Public Safety ..... Remember, there were a lot of attacks in Muslim countries who were committed by Men wearing the burqa or niqab who hide behind these clothes belts of explosives, starting from Saudi Arabia. But .... Do you feel that this law will raise tensions between what you named as a sect (Which is debatable) the people who wear it, the few people who wear the niqab or the burqa and the authorities? It is true that There were three women who demonstrated in the heart of paris in front of "Notre dame" today, and they had access, they were entitled to all French TV channels, therefore their cause was heard, they will become stars and it will cause other manifestations of this kind, and these women will become stars, .................. that's the result of provocation these women are not representatives of the islam of France and its citizens and have nothing to do with this fashion imports that's used in Afghanistan and in some marginalized regions in Pakistan. You say that they are not representatives! Is it necessary to get to this point in order to give the right to a woman to be veiled in the French territory? /............. Listen, principles, this is not contradictory with the moral of the country The identity of France is a secular identity but secularism is not compatible with backward cults It is in the involvement of this Act, a circular from the Minister of Interior explained to police officers how to act with great flexibility, patience and a lot of persuasion I have a feeling that the law will not be easily applied, and there will be a need to have a lot of patience before applying it It is also to do here, with showing to the people who are using this dress code to deviate from this mode, because the French public opinion including the Muslim public opinion in France does not agree with this dress code that is imported from an Afghan sect. Okay..... Mr. Bassbouss, Thank you for participating in the program. You are welcome ...

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La France interdit le port du voile intégral

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