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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~20:38:15 - 20:53:15

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It´s cold out here , man ! —Mountains, right? — Right. There´s some ladies there, but I can do nothing, man I really need to pee. Where is .... - She´s here.—Where? Come with me...... — I went there already. Where´s Erimar ? I wanna find Erimar to see if we can get a drink. Bro.... I´ll go down here, look. Just once ! Where is Erimar ? (loud noises) I´m gonna go there. Paulo, Paulo ! Where is Erimar ? Can we walk around and see if we can find him? So we can drink somehting? Where is Erimar ? Is he drinking the goods? Nope, drinking beer.—Yeah? There where?— Don´t know. My cousin said he was drinking the good stuff around here and such The one with the yellow shirt is not Mariana, is it? They are drinking beer together, i wanna drink too. What's-Her-Name said they were ´round here , bro. There, look, up front. Sorry. Hey, just heard about some beers going around... —Can we ride?—Are u gonna pay for my ride? —Lets ride guys, come on, Rael....—Lets ride, Kiko ! -Karina can ride in everything !—No, she can´t ! —Gimme me a buck, bro.— Gimme a buck,Thaís. —Don´t have it.—What? — I don´t have it. —Just one buck.... — I don´t have it ! — Yeah u do, bro. I don´t have it Rael, I´m not lying, I ain´t no liar. Are you calling me a liar? —Not calling you a liar, just calling you whinny. Whiner ! —Buy me a beer, Mariana ! (discussing about how to buy beer) — See, guys,we do have a dollar,now we can play until morning ! (they discuss which ride they want to go) -Are you gonna ride? Are you? — I have no money, your friend didnt´t give me money... - One real , a buck ! let´s ride ! —Got no money, all i had is gone since last night, bro. I wanna ride this one here, look ! Yeah, I wanna ride this bike right here , bro ! —Ah, but this moto is so dumb, bro! —Ah, but it would be wicked, look. Like a rally, a rally bro! Nah, i dig more that bumper car, the bumper is wicked ! — Hey, let´s all go for the bumper cars right? But it has to be everybody, everybody ! Let's all go play the bumper cars ! Yeah, yeah, but who's gonna pay for me? — Everybody in the bumper cars, yeah ! — Yeah, let's go there see if we can get the money (They discuss how to get the money for the rides) Fifteen bucks total . We cannot go all at once. No way cause there's no cars. — It's fifteen reais for all our rides. — Thirteen ? — Nah, fifteen for everybody and i wanna ride drinking a beer. —Ah, okay. So? We gonna do it or not? (they discuss about doing it or not ) Let's go there see if we can make it, it's thirteen, bro. I think it fits 11, 12 dudes maybe. — Not dudes, cause i have no hair but i am a woman ! —Come on, come on ! Bumper cars are the best bro ! — It's gonna be wicked ! — Is this the line for the ride? How long? The line, don't cut the line ! I'm gonna just count how many cars they have, bro ! No, we can all go together. We can. If they don't have enough cars it's a no go , bro. So what are we gonna do? Which one are we gonna go? U guys wanna get in the bumper car's line? Let's get in line, let's get in line bro ! Is this the bumper's line?— Yeah.— Are u the last one? —Hey, Rael, are you riding? — Huh? Oh, they invited me to go , bro. — I saw someone counting to see who was allowed to go, u know, pregnant, non pregnant. —Is everybody going then? — Yeah. — Where is Mariana? — Went to buy tickets. — it's two bucks. — Buying for everybody ? — I don't think so, no. — Yeah, yeah he did. — I don't think we are all going — It's like this : each ticked is two reais, but five is gonna be five reais. — Hoot ! I'll go crazy in there ! This one here is called demolitions —Is this one more exciting ? — This one is better... I love bumper cars, but this right here is much better. — But I don't think we can all fit it in there, right? — it fits, we can get in on both sides. — But the thingy here is supported on top of an old tire man, look ! — No, that tire makes the ride spin, dude. It looks that the thing will hit heads at the top, right bro? Doesn't it look like it it's gonna hit the dude's head that's sitting here, bro? — Wow, this one is scary ! — That's awful ! — It's really crazy, right? —Gi cannot go on this one and on that one. — Neither on the bumper cars, she cannot ride anything. Gi can go on that chopper ride, there. .....................

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Brazil
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on Feb 3, 2012

Global Lives Brazil - 20c

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