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Are Liberals supporting anti-liberalism?

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Do liberals instinctively make excuses for muslim extremists? Our next guest says so - And he's a liberal! ! Quote: "Unless liberals realize that there are tens of millions of people in the muslim world who are far scarier then Dick Chaney - he wrote recently in the L.A. Times - we'll be unable to protect civilisation from its genuine enemies." The man who wrote that is Sam Harris. He's the author of "The End Of Faith" and "Letter to a Christian Nation". He joins us from New York. Sam, Welcome! What exactly... I mean... give us your thesis in one sentence here. Sam Harris: Well... I'm arguing against dogmatism really. And there's a liberal dogma which suggests that, if the poor people of the world were simply treated well and given enough economic opportunity They can be guaranteed to be reasonable and tolerant. And thats clearly not true. We are facing, in Islam, a kind of death cult. This is not to say that we're at war with ALL Muslims. But we're absolutely at war with Muslims who think that cartoonists should be beheaded for drawing cartoons. or who think women should be stoned to death for adultery or who think, that converting away from the faith is a capital offense. So we have to recognize, that it is possible to be well educated and to have economic opportunity and to think you're going to get 72 virgins in paradise as witnessed by the fact the nineteen guys who flew planes into our buildings all had college degrees and many of them had phds Moderator: Thats exactly right. I mean you don't see a lot of terrorists coming out of Burkina Faso. right? Or the poorest places in the world are actually NOT spawning terrorism. It's Western Europe. Sam Harris: There are a variety of studies that back that up. that show, that support for suicide bombing for instance actually goes up as you correct for literacy and education and economic opportunity. Moderator: I completely believe that. Absolutely. But back to the west and our reaction to this. And this weird masochism at the center of our society, it seems to me. Why is it for instance, when cartoonists in western europe are threatened with beheading that some in our country - and I have to say they tend to be liberal - seem to make excuses for the people threatening violence against the cartoonists or the people threatening violence against the pope or the people who are basically against free speech. Why do liberals in this country seem to be on their side, I don't get that at all. Well, it's interesting: I think liberals almost by definition don't know what it's like to really believe in god. They don't know what it's like to be shure, that the book they keep by their bedside is the literal word of the creator of the universe and that death is nearly a passage to an eternity of happyness And so they find it very difficult to believe that anyone actually believes this stuff and is motivated by the content of their religious beliefs And so, liberals, when they see the jihaddist look into the videocamera And say thing like: "We love death more then the infidels love life.", and then he blows himself up. Its the liberal in our society, the religous moderator, the secularist whos left thinking: "That's just propaganda, thats not really why he blew himself up."

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Posted by: israeliatheists on Oct 21, 2009

Sam Harris, author of "The End of Faith" and "Letter to a Christian Nation" says liberals need to understand that people are motivated by the contents of their religious beliefs and not by poor living conditions.

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