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The Master's College from NYU Arts & Science on Vimeo

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Now, not enough people know that the Master's degree is the most rapidly growing degree in higher education. We have something called Master's College in which our wonderful students engage in the wide range of human thought. I created the Master's College because we care about master's students, and this was a way within the Graduate School to show how important Master's students are, and to give them enhanced sense of community and intellectual adventure. Each person in this room recognizes the other as human. How would selecting genetic traits affect that recognition? There are so many events and activities organized by the Master's College program board. This is a Master's College toast. Throughout the year the Master's program board puts on different events and they invite students from across disciplines to attend and it seems like there's different currents of ideas that kind of float around and that students can get together and discuss and when they have different perspectives on things it can really enrich your own perspective. You are a student, you're putting your mind into action. You're not just a number here. You're a significant student that is part of a wave of Master's education, one of the great reforming waves in higher education. We want different perspectives, different experiences, and we want talent wherever we might find it. Diversity creates a multiplicity of ideas, but then, how do you bring together diverse populations? One way is a common idea of identity as a student. We wanted to meet each other and work together and to let Master's students know every day how important a Master's degree is and how important their ideas are and how original. They want to take their NYU Arts and Science Master's degree and go out and shape the world.

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The Master's College from NYU Arts & Science on Vimeo

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