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What is a Bento Box? Simple

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An ancient Japanese legend tells of a mysterious little box able to hold a bountiful feast with the ability to feed the mouths of the hungry for centuries. Or, at least until the end of the day. This mysterious little box is one of the fastest growing trends for lunch today. This mysterious little box is one of the fastest growing trends for lunch today. It is the Bento Box! The bento box originated in ancient Japan as a way to make the lunch meal more portable. Today, it is simply a lunch box with various compartments for different foods. It can be single, multilevel, and have 2, 3 or more separate compartments for foods. For most, lunch away from home is common and a bento box lunch is a fun, creative way to make this meal more nutritious and enjoyable. Some of the reasons to pack a bento box lunch are: It is healthier, fresh, low fat, non-processed food are good for you. It's economical. You will be saving hundreds per year versus take out. And, it's exciting. It allows you to express your creative sides as you adapt to create recipes to suit the taste of you and your family. Finally, it makes you unforgettable. All it takes is a glance and a taste of one delicious beautiful bento box lunch to make a lasting memory. So, what do you pack in your bento lunch? Well, a traditional Japanese bento box lunch consists of food, such as, onigiri which are rice balls, pickled vegetables, chicken or fish. You can customize your bento box to anything you love to eat. Just try to follow these basic guidelines for proper nutrition. A healthy lunch will consist of lean, non-processed proteins, such as turkey, chicken, tofu, beans, cheeses or fish. You want to include vegetables either raw or cooked. Good carbs, such as long grain rice, whole grain breads, crackers, or tortillas and nuts. As well as fresh fruits. So there you have it. Now you know what a bento box is, go out and get one of your own. And remember to B(bring), E(excitement), N(nutrition), T(together), O(over&over).

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Posted by: katychow on Apr 17, 2011

Do you know what the hot new lunch craze is? Delicious & nutritious bento box lunch! Learn what a bento box is and where it all started.

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