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Vuoi fare la Rivoluzione

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If Che Guevara were alive today, what would he do to bring about the revolution? He'd read books. Today, reading is a revolutionary activity. Nobody reads these days. If you look at the statistics for reading in Italy, you want to weep, readership levels are sadly embarrassing. So let's try to make our own small contribution to get people reading. Let's find some crazy reasons, that, even if someone says "But who the hell cares", get us thinking about why reading books is worthwhile. Intro ... Reason number one, is that we're all always on the look-out for good ideas. A good idea that could be life-changing, and so on. And what could be easier and more cost-effective than reading a book. It provides you with ideas, some better than others. but it gives you a different perspective, it makes you see things a different way. We've said this so many times, it gets you out of your comfort zone, the things you know, and shows you things you didn't know. It opens up your mind to say "Just a minute, perhaps I can resolve this problem this way." A small idea, gives you an important result. Reason number two and here I turn to science. A study carried out in 2009 by the university of thingmejig, whatever, which found that reading reduces stress levels by as much as 70%. Which makes sense, because when you're tense, up to your neck on a lousy day, right, that's it, and you browse a book unless it's a Stephen King novel, which will send your stress levels even higher, it helps you relieve the pressure, because it focuses your attention on other concepts, in a word, it works. Another related reason: oh, by the way, this video is offered by 4books, the best company in the world. I'm joking, but it's my company and I wanted to say that. In the end I managed to persuade that wretched negotiator and here we are. I'll make some videos on the question of reading offered by 4books. What does do? It provides abstracts, cute little summaries of business books published in English, which perhaps you'd like to read, but don't have time. You don't know English, and so you begin reading. That's what 4books is, a stimulus to read starting from just a few pages with the key concepts of a book, then hopefully you'll read the whole thing. End of the plug. Another interesting scientific statistic I've seen is that reading has anti-ageing benefits. Since your brain keeps you alive, because it's always reading, reading, reading, and slows down the ageing process. I've no idea whether this is true or not , but if you take Warren Buffet for example, who's as old as the hills, but he's still there, still in great form and a famous super reader. Another piece of scientific evidence relating to what we just said, is that if you read, your brain is always active and you are less likely to develop mental disorders, because after a while, if you're the only one washing your brain in front of the TV or with your mobile phone, whereas reading is an active occupation, a continuous game of ping pong with the object in front of you, a great book. Read, read, read, especially for young people, who are perhaps only used to reading books for school, which are really boring, and I warmly recommend reading. It's helped me a lot, I went for years without reading, your life changes dramatically. Your brain smokes, you lose all your hair, but that's nothing to do with reading, or possibly it is, and it's the mother of education, the education you carry around inside. Or you can be like Groucho Marx who said: "I think television is very educational, when someone turns it on, I go into another room to read a good book".

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Vuoi fare la Rivoluzione

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