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Intuit It Gets Better

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I just knew it wasn't something that would be -I should talk about, or that I should even talk to my parents about, let alone anybody else. I was just really hoping that I could change it, and that there was something I could do that would make me - - you know - not different anymore. A lot of my reaction to being different was to suppress that. In middle school and parts of high school, I thought that I was putting on act for everyone. It's almost like leading a - a double life. And it got really difficult, because then you don't - -you get to the point you don't know what's true and what's reality. (new voice) You know, made sure that I was straight, throughout school, because I didn't want to face the bullying, or you know, be a part of the other side of the finger pointing or the quiet whispers. I'm never going to make it through - this. You know, I - It's just too hard. (new voice) You know, just walk through a courtyard, and be called faggot. And it was - it was pretty much a daily occurrence. I would run out of school and run home as fast as I could, to avoid being beat up. When I would get home from school, the first thing that I would do is go to my room, and close the the door, because - It wasn't that my parents were interested. (new voice) Just the fate, or the cards that had been dealt to me was, I'm different, I'm alone, and I just have to deal with it. I always thought that forever and ever I was going to have to hide this, this was going to be my little secret, and no one could find out about it. There was no way I could let anyone find out about it. (new voice) So getting past high school was important, because that's when the world opens up to you. Because it was like, holy cow! You know? This is - this is what I had all been waiting for, and never thought I would find, or I could be myself. I love the fact that, um, I can be myself. (new voice) It was the best feeling in the world, knowing that, you know what, I did finish college, and now I have a good job, and I'm out and about, and it's completely okay, and people are okay with it. And all of the sudden, you feel this brick that was on my shoulder, slowly but surely, breaking away. (new voice, laughing) I love who I am. I'll admit it. Um - yeah, I'm very, very happy today. My life now is how I actually never thought it could be. (new voice) I own a home, um, I'm married, legally. I've been with the same man for 17 years. We're still madly in love. (new voice) I have a phenomenal job, I work for a great company, I'm married to a beautiful teacher, um, and uh, yeah, everything's awesome. It's okay and who I am is fabulous. (new voice) Yeah, I'm here to tell you, it definitely gets better. It gets better. It gets better. It gets better. It gets better.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jun 22, 2013

At Intuit we have a simple phrase, echoed from our CEO through all employees, "Bring Your Whole Self to Work." For many in the LBGT community in particular, this is a deeply personal statement, something to be celebrated, supported and cherished. We believe that diverse backgrounds provide valuable perspectives and it's important for us to foster this both at work and within our communities. We also believe that it's important that we nurture and support the diversity of LGBT youth. The Intuit Pride Network is here to say, we stand with you, against bullying in all its forms. It really does get better.

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