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Pepa y Avelino - Eurovision

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Who? "Gwynie Pato", until the name is absurd What do you say? Gwyneth Paltrow is an suberb actress! And what do you know? If you stay anchored in Greta Garbo! That's what you think you, do not you learn anything Look, you do not she likes you. Written here! Are you all crazy? Why me? If she does not know me! He says: "I am a vegetarian and never eat four-legged animals" You're funny... Just so you know, that actress speaks Spanish very correct! Perfect, so she will understand my insults, for not to eat ham You're stupid! My God! It is true! Avelino? You want now? Why do not you take me to cinema? Because I don't have money Do not be a cheapskate, come on, if you take me, give you a kiss With threats, NO What the hell we're going to do tomorrow?! View football game, is going to be awesome! NO! In this house is prohibited watching football! Hey! Hey! Hey! Every year I have watch the Eurovision Song Contest because like you! That is all rigged, among friendly countries! Do not remind me! Do not remind me! That greatest injustice! My Rosa! My Rosa! To me, she was the winner!!! But what you say? If it has been five years! I have very good memory! We boycott because have olive oil, Isabel Pantoja and JesulĂ­n de Ubrique THIEVES OF SHIT!!! Hey dear, you are cultivating marijuana? And you shut up, you make me furious! You can say what the hell you want But I remember that year, the song of Latvia was great And who cares how they sing in Lapland? If there is only cold, reindeer and seals! LATVIA, dear, LATVIA... And the song was wonderful But what you say, asshole? Remove it now! Separatist, dissident! For me, Rosa is the best! Long live his mother, his father, Bisbal, Bustamante, Geno! My Mother, My God! Somebody get me a tila and a straightjacket, that this woman has gone mad!

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Duration: 2 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Genre: Animated
Views: 196
Posted by: alonsoring on Jul 26, 2011

Pepa y Avelino - Eurovision

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