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Interview with FlipSid3.B1ad3

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In front of us is Andrew "B1ad3" I decided to interview him Interesting format Ex-captain interviewing a captain. Nevertheless Andrew Tell me please about how you prepared for this tournament And what this tournament meant to you? B1ad3: Well, we didn't prepare too much B1ad3: Because we had a lot of games Official matches? B1ad3: Yes, we focused on DH Masters qualifiers... ..And we failed right in the end No chance anymore? B1ad3: There is, this Sunday B1ad3: So we didn't prepare for this tournament I don't think many teams prepared for Counter Pit B1ad3: We wanted to come here and use all of our experience... ..and try to win So on skill B1ad3: Yes The most important target for everyone is the major B1ad3: Yep Okay, you played vs us Lost 1-2. won overpass In general, how would you rate your teams performance here? B1ad3: It was alright.. ..I think if we would've prepared for this tournament, we would've done even better B1ad3: We gave away two 4v2 rounds on train Important rounds B1ad3: And both those rounds were after a won round.. you lose and eco twice We really pushed you economically B1ad3: Absolutely, we lost 2 4v2s and both were after round wins.. was a real catastrophe.. ..and they way we lost these 4v2s was horrible B1ad3: I kind of felt like we were not in the game It was first map of the day, you didn't really turn up B1ad3: The team was about 50% focused Plus I think you lost two pistol rounds on train Yeah, one on B when we rushed as Ts and we won CT when you guys planted on A B1ad3: We lost our T pistol too? You opened A, planted the bomb B1ad3: Oh, yes, yes So you lost pistols, plus a couple of important rounds In the end lost 16-10 But on overpass guys like WorldEdit, Shara woke up And showed a good game Recently, WorldEdit hasn't been showing up much Plus Shara is a newcomer in your team Sometimes he performs well But right now he played very good, killed us on B B1ad3: Yes, I can't explain what affects his performance.. ..Sometimes he just wakes up and just hits the shots.. ..He can kill any player.. ..When he is confident Overall, are you happy with his progress? What can you say about him as a captain? B1ad3: We'll see after the major.. ..Right now not everything is as I'd want it Okay B1ad3: You asked about WorldEdit B1ad3: He can also play super well.. ..But again, what affects his game.. ..He has light infantilism.. ..Sometimes acts as a child and plays dumb.. ..But when he is focused he is a good player So you agree that your teams motivation affects how you guys play? B1ad3: The issue right now is.. ..what we discuss and practice.. ..takes a long time to be played out correctly.. ..they can make the same mistake 3 or more times in a row.. ..It's an issue Maybe you guys need a coach in your team? Or maybe a psychologist, someone who can help you on that level B1ad3: There is sense to do that if a coach/psychologist is good So you guys are searching for that person? B1ad3: Well we didn't search but Thinking about it? B1ad3: Yes, we would need it if the person doing it is worth it Maybe you guys in comments will have any offers B1ad3: If it's an unexperienced person, he'll just get in the way Yes, it depends on how you will feel I agree that a person should have experience in that field Okay Andrew, talk me through your MLG Major group B1ad3: Mouz, NiP, LG LG Gaming? B1ad3: Luminosity Gaming, Mousesports, NiP That's tough, considering NiP gained some form Mousesports always played well And Luminosity, who are beasts right now Hard group B1ad3: I really like how they play Luminosity? B1ad3: "nods" They are progressing B1ad3: I think it's the only professional team.. ..which work like professionals B1ad3: Except them I don't see a team that is so professional in what they do What about Fnatic? B1ad3: Fnatic still play very chaotically.. ..And they are not progressing as fast right now, but they're top1 and there is no room to progress B1ad3: I think if they will start losing it will be hard for them.. ..Fnatic I think is a team that plays off of individual skill Absolutely, but what is professionalism to you? What do you mean under "progressing professionally"? B1ad3: Every player does his maximum.. ..maximum dedication to his team.. ..maximum preparation, together like sport players B1ad3: Other teams do it with less effort.. ..They're not working hard enough So you feel that Luminosity B1ad3: Grew up very fast, nobody has progressed that fast ever B1ad3: They swapped two players and flew up like hell Zeus: And even before swapping players they played well And throughout the whole year they visited every LAN B1ad3: I think 3 player +2 is a new roster I agree, I mean that during the year they visited every LAN they could And boosted a lot Plus they have players that played 1.6 B1ad3: In their old roster they visited 2 LANs Not sure about the old roster but they visited a lot of LANs, we looked at them play almost everywhere They visited a lot of tournaments But I think they grew so much because they visited so many tournaments B1ad3: Back then they didn't have the money, they could go because people donated Yes, and Flusha donated them if I'm not mistaken And little by little B1ad3: After Cologne they visited Cluj and that's it Before that they also went to some LANs B1ad3: 3-4 LANs they had But they were big tournaments B1ad3: But the fact is, we as a team visited 5 majors.. "Overlapping compliments to Luminosity" B1ad3: They are a big motivation for others, to grow and not stop They're working in the right direction, they have a good captain B1ad3: If our players did the same thing as LG So you're saying we don't have that motivation? B1ad3: Almost all the teams Honestly I'd say we work a lot too We give our maximum to CS, but I don't know about others B1ad3: See, and you've been in like 3-4 finals in a row I think it's 6 B1ad3: I see 3 teams, LG, you and Fnatic that are stable.. ..All others, EnVyus last in Katowice, NiP also changed players and losing.. ..Mousesports can't gain momentum, Astralis lost their stability, and this happens to everyone I agree with you, I don't know what other teams do but know that NiP work a lot Sometimes teams have a slump NiP for example were top1 for a long time B1ad3: How I look at it, every championship they play better Who? B1ad3: LG, even yours, Fnatic are the same.. ..But EnVy are the same, Astralis the same I agree, but I actually like Astralis and their progress I think they'll be in the finals this tournament B1ad3: I think LG will be in the finals No, I'm talking about this tournament About the major, tell me about your goals B1ad3: We want to pass the groups, I think we can win NiP.. ..NiP without Threat were unexpected, with him they have a structure which we can adapt to. Mousesports as well B1ad3: Mousesports are dangerous guys They shoot very well But you're ready for them B1ad3: Gambit outplayed everyone easily on qualifiers B1ad3: Wouldn't be that easy if it was bo3 B1ad3: I think BO1 works in favor of teams like us, Gambit.. ..Teams that are good but not on the very top And they have a chance, the players are experienced.. ..And all that experience help with motivation, ideas Andrew, you play CS I think more than me I'm not sure, maybe we started together What is CS for you right now? What is your source of motivation, and maybe wish something to young players B1ad3: It's hard not to find motivation because CS is at very high level right now.. ..It has reached heights that it never did before.. ..I would have to find motivation if CS wasn't as big though B1ad3: For young players, if you are planning to play competitively, start now while CS is On the rise Do you have any advice for rookies? B1ad3: If you want to improve your game, a teacher would be the best.. ..But it's hard to do. Sometimes I teach people B1ad3: In any sport you get trained, here you are all by yourself.. ..Streams, demos, ask questions Donate to people on stream B1ad3: Yes, a lot of that, especially donate to Zeus B1ad3: As base, take not your knowledge Something happened

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Interview with FlipSid3.B1ad3

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