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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~14:45:53 - 15:00:53

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It's your helicopter. And somebody else has made this one. And it's my ship. I've made it. Well... You've made a cannon. What? You've made a cannon, not a ship. What cannon? The tank, right? Then the ship. And I've made a cross. I'm going to play. You are not allowed to. We will play one by one. You play first, I will play last. Where are my slippers? Put the big ones on for the moment. Those are nobody's slippers, right? Everybody uses them. Here every, every, everything is... And the ones upstairs are too. You shouldn't say, it's ours. It's ours, it's ours, it's ours. Yes, you shouldn't say it. Zhanna! What? Let me play first. Let me. So that's what we've decided, me and me. Max, we are going to play too. Maybe we'd rather go play football? What? Shall we play football? With who? With me. Football? Yes. Where? In the backyard. Let's go? Let's go. Roma, come on. Where is my slipper? Zhanna, go inside and get the ball in the living room. That's the new one, we may not... Say, daddy has permitted you. So where is my slipper? Where are your slippers? I've got no idea where you put them. Here you are. Who hid them there? Was it you? You, you had. I'll bring the ball. Stay here, Zhanna. I'm going with you. Let's go then. Aunt Valya, aunt Valya! Are you going to play football? Zhanna and I are going to. Are you? Come on. I will put his old ones on. I'll go in a minute, just put the running shoes on. Let's go. Roma, don't shout. Aunt Valya! Aunt Valya is, probably, upstairs. You'd better go and find her. Hold on, I'll put my shoes on. I'll be the king! Careful. I say! Let's go. Off we go! We'll have the wrestling after that! Us two will be the goalkeepers. No, Ilyas, I'll play on my own and you'll play with the small ones. I know. Let them be goalkeepers then. No, let everybody play. Come on. Let them be goalkeepers. They will play. You'll see how great they play. We are going that way. This is my gate. That is yours. And now Zhanna attacks. Come on, Ilyas, attack too. Hey, stop! Goal! Go, stay over there, why are you always next to me? Go over there. Ilyas, pass to Zhanna. Everybody pass to each other. Roman, go go! Zhanna, go! Zhanna, pass to me. Ilyas, come on. Ilyas, to me. Oops! Goal! Not a goal. If there was a net, it would be a goal. Go over there, stand back. Roma, stand back. You defend the gate over there. Just don't come here. Where are you kicking? Let them kick, Ilyas. It is a funny game, we should play for fun. I can't net you a goal anyway. You scored! Zhanna, go attack! Let Zhanna start. Zhanna here you are. Kick from here. Zhanna, pass to Ilyas. Kick. Kick, Zhanna. Run to the gate, let Ilyas run. Come on, Zhanna, kick the ball here. Kick, Zhanna, kick. Kick, Zhanna. Pass to Ilyas, play with a pass. You will get too. Zhanna, kick here. Kick to the gate. Roma, go nine feet away. Good kids! Come on, come on! Over here! Stop! You played with your hands! No. It's off side. Kick. Pass to Zhanna too. To me! Zhanna! Zhanna plays with me. You play with Roma. Let me play on my own. You play with Ilyas and I'll play with Roma. Zhanna is flying! Do you feel dizzy? Yes. Roma, we play with feet, not hands. Put the ball down. Let's play one by one. Ilyas, kick to the gate. Zhanna, come on pass to me! Kick to the gate. Come on, Zhanna! Oops! One more time, Zhanna! One more time, Zhanna. Roma, get aside! I said you'd kick in turns. You will kick in a moment. Come on, Zhanna. One more time, the last one. I will after Zhanna. Good girl, Zhanna! Now you, Ilyas. Me! OK, Roma, take it. Come on, Ilyas, go to the gate. Roma kicks the ball, Ilyas, go! Be careful, do not hit the camera. Take the camera away. There's nothing to be afraid of, come on! Ilyas! You missed a goal! Not a big deal. Roma, kick. Go ahead, kick. You'll get a penalty otherwise. That is that! Come on, Roman! Zhanna, get aside. Come here. Come on, good boy! Hey, Ilyas, you couldn't catch that ball! Roma, let me kick. Ready? Good! Now I will. Get aside, Roma. Kick again, Ilyas. Good boy! Roma, get aside. One more time, Ilyas. Good, Roma. Don't stay there. One last lime, Ilyas. Attaboy, Ilyas! Zhanna, go at the gate. Catch the ball, Zhanna. Catch it, you'll get a goal. Good! Kick here. Good boy. Catch the ball. Catch it, catch! Good girl! Throw it. Good! Just kick, give it a hard kick. Catch the ball, Zhanna! Good girl, Zhanna! Is it the last time now? Yes! For the last time, Zhanna! Take the ball! Good! Now I will. Roma now goes at the gate. Zhanna, kick to Roma. Come on, Zhanna. Come on, come on! Are you ready, Roma? Keep your hands like this or you'll get a goal. Roma's missed the goal! Good girl, Zhanna! Roma, don't kick too hard. Daddy, it's not fair! Kick it, Zhanna. You should not step aside to kick! You may. Did you step aside when it was your turn? Come on, Zhanna! Oops! Good girl! Take the ball. Roma will now kick the ball. Ilyas, go. For times? Yes, now everybody will. Go kick, I'm going to the gate. Me? I will for the last time. Let's play touch, Zhanna. Touch? Yes, touch. Shall we play? Yes! I will follow you. If the ball hits you this way, you take the ball and run after the rest of us. Do you get it? Do you all get it? On the yard only. You may not run somewhere else. Can we run behind the tree? You can. Everywhere inside the yard. Now Zhanna takes the ball. Stop! What happened? It will fall down if I run too much. You should have it on to hear the sounds. What sounds? The sound of me speaking. Where from? From there. Now, Zhanna, it will not fall down. Now, we will fix it. Get the sound from it? Well, to transmit the sound to the camera. It will not fall down now. Run, run! Go on run! Ouch, Ilyas, I missed. You got me. It touched my finger. Did I get you? Then you take the ball. Go go, Zhanna! I got you. No! Yes. OK. Now I got you. Who is it on? Roma, come on. Do not run too much. Zhanna! Ouch! I've missed. You've missed a goal. Aha! Ilyas is resting! Roma, come on try one more time. One more time, Roma. You don't give me even a minute of rest, do you! Me too. OK! Zhanna got the ball. Ilyas is touched! Get the ball. Come on, do you want to whirl? Yes. One, two. Go! Are you afraid?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 14:45-15:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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