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Ermua, una ciudad para vivir

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There's a place, a place surrounded by beautiful countryside where visitors and residents alike enjoy fantastic views and wonderful spots a place where you can live in a city and the countryside at the same time. place that was made by and for you: a place called Ermua. Many lives, hopes and dreams have passed by since Ermua was founded. Time does not pass in vain and many things have changed. Ermua has evolved into a complete and modern city; a city to live in. Everyone is different, unique and has his, or her, own dreams. In Ermua, we have only one: seeing how your dreams become reality. That's why we have always strived to offer you the best education possible. We offer you a wide selection of education alternatives no matter what your age is. This is a reality. In Ermua, you'll have several centres at your disposal in which you can chose where you'd like to study from the time you're practically born until the time you go to university. By studying, you'll be able to make yourself into the person you always wanted to be. Here we don't put boundaries to your future. You'll be the person who sets your own limits. Sports form an important part of our lives and here they're particularly present thanks to our well-equipped sports facilities. In the Miguel-Ángel Blanco Sports Centre, you can practice all the different sports you might wish: swimming fitness martial arts and many more. And, if you think this offer isn't enough, you've got the Betiondo Centre at your disposal as well which has got football pitches and indoor and outdoor athletics tracks which you can use to train for serious competition. Two complementary Sports Centres in which you can practice practically all sports at all levels. Another alternative, however, is to enjoy sports and Nature along one our many open-air tracks. Convenience and health are very important indeed. That's why we put our modern social and health services that mean you'll never have to go to another municipality to practice sports at your disposal. We haven't forgotten about art, culture and talent in Ermua either. We want to help you express your inner you, develop your talents and become the artist you always dreamt of becoming. The Palace of Lobiano, built in the XVI century, is the main cultural reference-point in Ermua today. Here you can paint, play a musical instrument, sing, dance and act all you want. Lobiano is a magical spot where you can broaden your already existing artistic horizons and maybe even discover new ones. A place where you can enjoy culture and talent. Near to the Lobiano Palace, you'll find other important cultural spots such as the municipal library, the music school and the rehearsal centre for musical groups. Ermua is located in privileged geographical surroundings just a few minutes away from the main Basque capitals and 80 kms distant from the French border You can easily reach Ermua by train, bus and modern motorways. The Council of Ermua, through its Local Development Area, dedicates an enormous amount of effort towards guaranteeing economic territorial and innovative social and creative development. Within this general framework, the Department promotes trans-national projects of an innovative nature such as the InnTegra Project financed by the Intereg IV B Sudoe Programme via the start-up of global action plans regarding innovation, training, creativity and collaboration seeks to strengthen the economy in the Sudoe region. This is where the new business centre for the diversification of economic activities fits in: a serious local commitment for the technological diversification of the economic fabric. The building will be 11 floors tall and will have parking space for some 160 vehicles. It will be equipped with leading technologies and will be accessible not only from the Motorway, but also from the main road as well. The building will be oriented towards research setting up new technological companies and attracting economic value. A spot in which new businessmen and businesses will be able to live alongside consolidated companies and find the proper training they need. We believe in your capacity and we have all the resources necessary to make your dreams a reality. Our priority in Ermua is to make your life easier. We want to create a spot where you'll feel at home. We build state-subsidised housing so you can make your own home, like you've always dreamed. We've designed a sustainable city, a city that's been planned to be enjoyed. We are constantly expanding our parks in order to gain more green areas in which to meet other people and build homes no matter what your age and interests. We try and make your relationship with the Town Council easier by implementing new organisational and on-line administration systems you can use to process all kinds of municipal procedures Our only aim is to offer you the best service possible. We believe that a modern administration directly influences the quality of life of a city's inhabitants and businesses. Ermua is a city that is crying out to be lived socially, economically and urbanly. A friendly, modern city that's open to your needs in which the main objective is you. Ermua, a town to be lived in.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 5 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Ayuntamiento de Ermua - Ermuko Udala - Ermua Council
Director: Aixer Producciones Audiovisuales
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Posted by: administrador_web on Jan 29, 2010

Retrospectiva del municipio de Ermua.

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