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Masters of Kabbalah Class #3 Robotic consciousness in filament

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Robotic consciousness in filament Where as when Rav Ashlag did that he was consciously turning into he doesn't want no desire, he doesn't want nothing. He's restricting, anything that can possibly come to him. That's the paradox. As the filament refuses, what happens? The light goes on. That's when, that's why the filament can burn out. Why can the filament burn out? Because there's a robotic consciousness in the filament. So it must come to an end. Does a person come to an end? Does Rabbi Ashlag come to an end? Did he come to an end? His body is there. He's there. But he sometimes goes up. On the 15th day of the month he comes down, at Rosh Chodesh he comes back. He moves where ever he wants to move. He's there. So how come we don't see him? I'd like to talk to him. You can talk to him and he answers you. So how come we don't see him? Now you get into the area, of how come I see and you don't see? Didn't you see the screen that was right in front of your eye? Don't you tell sometimes people that? Do you say then, how come you didn't see or how come the fellow thought up of, Einstein, had an intuition? He never proved it by himself that his whole theory of relativity. He had an intuition, that's why he got the Nobel Prize, right? Not for developing the theory. He had an intuition. Who else saw the intuition? Who else felt the intuition? Nobody. How come? Do we ask those questions? No. Do you ask the fellow who is building an empire, how come he's building the empire? How come the people who are poor and don't question why he has it, it's in every part of life. Some people say, why is he well and I'm not? That's sometimes. Not everybody. Every person who's sick, says why is he sick and someone else is healthy, not every body. So this idea of one yes and one no in our world, has no validity. To therefore, explain it away, that you know, that it doesn't exsist (question from audience - how does this one differ from other mediations that people they are doing, they feel a state of nothingness, is this the same process or is this...)

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Robotic consciousness in filament

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