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Oscar Spanish team RC 01

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After three months of being born, I got a brain surgery. My parents were told that I just had three weeks to live. They were trying new medications and they felt that uncertainty that made them think they couldn't fight anymore. They can't speak English and they're sick and they need help. I am first generation. They only made it to high school. My grandmother can't read. They don't know how to communicate. They don't know what to say. Since I was eight, that's what I did: translating for my parents. Every time we went to school, to the hospitals... That's one of the reasons why I decided to become a nurse. It's like saying to that girl: "You couldn't do it back then, but now you have what it takes to help." Using the health system without knowing the language is a scary thing. You feel like you're a baby again. Everybody talks and understands each other, but you can't understand a word. With OSCAR we have the Spanish team so that people know that we're here for them. We treat them like family. We talk about each member every minute of every day. We're all here to help all our members, but every one of us has to make sure that we provide a different kind of support for each person. We have different representatives that do different things, our attention guides that, like me, help the members. We hear the patients' voices. Our social workers help with financial resources for our members. Like a nurse, I first try to educate my members about their health. We work along hospitals to make sure that they get all the care they need. Even if we're a small organization, we have a different impact with our members. The reason why I decided to work here in OSCAR is because I want to help the community. I always tell my patients: "You're not alone. How can I help you today?." OSCAR

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