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[yelp] [trying to open car door] [door closes] Whaddup, nigga! Hi, Mom. [♫ Rap music plays ♫] Hi, Mom? Your mother just been sprung free after 11 years in the clink, and all you got is "Hi, Mom"? and all you got is, "Hi, Mom"? Hey, you were not sprung free. You were paroled. Same thing! No! Free is free. Parole comes with more terms and conditions than an iTunes update. Alright? You have to check in with your parole officer. You have to find a job. You have to find a place to live. I got a place to live. I'm staying with my son. Look at you, boy! OK... We have to find something more permanent. If that halfway house wasn't going through repairs, you'd be there right now. You know some kids would be happy to have their momma home after she was... away. And some kids aren't public defenders with ex-cons as parents. Whatever, nigga. Come on. Let's go. I ain't had a double-double in a decade and I am hungry as fuck. Come on! And you payin'! [groggy] Oh! Hi, Gabrielle Union. Yeah, I used the baby wipes this time. Go get the Ready Whip, girl. [♫ far off funk music plays ♫] [♫ funk music plays louder ♫] [yelling over music] Hey, baby! [yelling over music] Good morning! [yelling over music] Turn the music down! [yelling over music] What!? [yelling over music] Turn the music- [music stops] [still yelling] Down! OK, nigga! You ain't gotta yell. What is all this crap? And what did I tell you about smoking in my apartment? You mean our apartment. No, I don't. My P.O. is coming for the home visit at noon. She's gonna make sure my housing is legit and permanent. And nothing says permanent like new decorations. Oh shit! I'm gonna have to reschedule my lunch with Montel. Hey! Language, nigga... And you ain't gotta be here. Go have lunch with bae. Look, OK. For the last time. We are friends from college. We are straight, heterosexual friends! LaBrian, it's ok. You act like I ain't munched a muff or two in my day. And not just in prison. [crunchy chewing] OK, I'm gonna get ready for work. [walking upstairs] [yelling] Do not touch the cigarette! [restaurant chatter] I know I'm doing good in my community, but I don't have the same passion for law like I did back when I was in law school. Thanks. You know what I'm saying? Yo! Earth to LaBrian. I'm- I'm sorry. What? You must still be thinking about your mom. Yo, I get it. If my mom did a bid, only to come back and crash on my couch after a decade, I probably would be a little bit messed up too. Mmm! This bread is good as shit! I'm just saying, you can't kick your momma out, man. That breaks like, 8 Black people codes. Not to mention when you brought over Becky with the Good Hair to the cookout. Look, I didn't know she was team MAGA. OK? She voted for Bernie in the primary. That should've been your first clue! Well why should I care where my mother goes? OK? Did she care about me when she was out running the streets getting locked up? She did care, LB. But shit happens. You and I both know the system doesn't support Black people on drugs. Right? Think about it. If your mom was a White suburban soccer mom, she wouldn't even see the inside of a jail cell. Well it doesn't matter. I've been running from Hurricane Darletta my whole life, and I'm not gonna get swept up in it now. It's that bad? She's loud. She smokes in my apartment. And all she does it watch "The Real Housewives of Compton". Did you see Felicia slap Darnell's lying ass!? [awkward silence] I'm just saying, if your momma is so bad, why would you go to the Board and ask for her to stay with you? Bullshit. You know what I wouldn't do for some more time with my mom? [♫ sad music plays ♫] Another conversation. [♫ sad music plays ♫] Another home cooked meal. [♫ sad music plays ♫] I don't get any of that, because my mom is gone. [♫ sad music plays ♫] But yours? She's still here, man. [♫ sad music plays ♫] And you don't want that gift to go to waste. [sad music stops] Hold up! Your mother isn't dead! She just moved to Burbank! I'm not driving all the way out to the valley! You're always stressed. You need a little bit of that edible I left at your house. What edible? You know, the one that's in the blue container. You know I don't partake in that. That's- [♫ ominous music ♫] [slow motion talking] [♫ ominous music stops ♫] Oh my god, Montel! You left that at my apartment!? So? So Dee Dee's P.O. is there right now! She's searching the whole place! If she finds that, she's going right back to jail. Come on, Dee Dee. Pick up. [phone buzzes] [knock at the door] [phone buzzes] Hello, your um...Honor? Brenda's fine, Ms. Dobbs. Uh, it's Darletta. But my friends, they call me Dee Dee. Ms. Dobbs, your files says your cohabiting with a Mr. LaBrian Dobbs? Yes, Your Honor. Uh, Brenda! He's my son. He's a public defender. You know, keeps me on that straight and narrow. I assume this domicile is close to your place of work? Well, I don't have a job yet. But I put out a ton of applications. I stay developing on my skills. Your skills? Yep! I watched a shit ton of YouTube videos. Girl, on typing and filing. You know, all that office shit. I excel, at Excel. [laughter] Ms. Dobbs, need I remind you that employment is a condition of your parole. Failure to find work cold result in it getting revoked. [quiet mimicking noises] Um, chip!? Do you usually leave food out? Not all the time. [lightly slams bowl on table] [phone buzzes] Dammit! She didn't pick up! Calm down, man! Weed's legal in Cali. Being drug-free is a condition of her parole. And marijuana is still a federally-banned substance. That cookie is parole violation. I gotta go! Don't toss my shit, man! [yelling] It's medicinal! [cabinet door squeak] [jazzy cello music] [jazzy cello music] See that base moulding? It's nice, right? [jazzy cello music] You know this might go faster if you were in the other room. [jazzy cello music] Oh yeah, cool, cool. [jazzy cello music] Ok. Yeah, I'll go in the living room and let you get your inspecting on and whatnot. [front door opens] [music speeds up] LaBrian, shouldn't you be at lunch? Shit! What? What's wrong? There was a blue box here. Montel left it. Do you know where it is? I don't know where it is. I've been cleaning all morning. The house is all turned around. Oh hello! You must be Mr. Dobbs. I'm Brenda, your mother's parole officer. Yes, yes. [fake laughing] It is such a pleasure to meet you. It's good to meet another public servant of the court. Yes, yes, how is the inspection going? Wonderful! I'm almost done. Just a few more notes for the kitchen and I'll be out of your hair. Sounds good! [whispers] We gotta find that fucking box! [upbeat funk music] [upbeat funk music] Any luck? [upbeat funk music] I found it! [upbeat funk music stops] All good! The inspection went- Oh! A cookie! For me? [awkward silence] I really shouldn't. I've been so good on my Keto diet. [whispers} You should stick to it. But chocolate chips are my absolute...favorite. [fast chewing] His sugar gets low, baby. Uh, you know. All that lawyering, it takes it out of you. [mouth full] Mmm hmm. Ok, so thank you for coming! Come on! We'll see you next time! Ok? Bye bye. Have a great day. Thank you so much. Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hit you. [door closes] Did you eat the whole cookie!? She should've took your ass to jail. You really had my back today. Thanks. No problem. Hey, Mom? Mmm hmm? Am I gonna be able to go back to work today? [laughter] No, baby! You 'bout to be high as fuck! But the plus side... There's a marathon of "The Real Housewives of Compton"! You know? Yeah. I'm in. Yes! Get you some chips. Did you hear about Darnell getting hit by Felicia at the reunion? Oh child! She knocked that nigga into next season! [laughter] [♫ uptempo music ♫] [credits] [♫ uptempo music ♫] I'm Felicia, I'm a pisces, [♫ uptempo music ♫] a wife, and an Instagram model with [♫ uptempo music ♫] over 20,000 followers. [♫ uptempo music ♫] But you can call me the Countess of Compton!

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Duration: 10 minutes and 48 seconds
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
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Posted by: msezell on May 21, 2019

A public defender is forced to live with his ex con mother after she's released on parole.
Written by Skylar Ezell
Produced by Lauren Gilbert
Directed & Edited by Tyler Eaton
Luc Ashley as "DD"
Jon Kent Ethridge as "LaBrian"
Kericho Corry as "Montel"
Lauren Fiala as "Brenda"
Kim Bentley as "Server"
Lara Gregg as "Felicia"
Cinematography by Kendall Christianson
Sound by John Yabes
Make Up by Danika Karolinski
Production Assistance by Kacie Blowers

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