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about a year ago i was in this cab and the cab driver said the key to your life is gratitud you do not give enough thanks and i said, well, how do i do that? and he said: simple, say thank you what do you do when you're not here i sing sing, you sing songs? yeah songs what do you do? i write words? yeah, words this kid got separated from his mom on the train take him to the police station what are you doing? theyre gonna help you not cool dudde, not cool, could we stop running i'm almoust thirty you know im not crazy about that tshirt why? i'm your boyfriend well if you find a "my man is a hot stud" tshirt christmas is just around the corner he looks like he should be making ballon animals at birthday parties im serios, im not gonna sleep with you i made a new years resolution to not be such a whore hows that been going for you? im totally freaked out and i dont know who else to tell and you're my best friend you're a mess and i'm a mess to so lets clean each other up can i have a cookie? dude its a party, you can have like ten cookies you can't just keep him he's not a goldfish is he feeding you, what are you eating? don't answer that my great shame as a writer is that im just this suburban kid with great parents hardly dekensian, you know what im saying? totally it's not easy to be a dork, you are worth the adoration Annie you are worth it lets be people who deserve to be loved, who are worthy, go get yourself loved you're my best friend with gratitude the universe is ethernally abundant thank you no thank you, more please? im so exited, im kinda exited, im totally exited

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Posted by: fernanda12 on May 27, 2011

this looks like a very interesting movie

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