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ドラえもん アニメ 日本語

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Wow! I can see it. It's Ryuuguujoo! Yay! Wow! So marvelous! That's hiragana. What does it say? That means "thank you for coming all the way" Let's go inside. I am Atohime. I am Itohime. I am Utohime. I am Etohime. I am Otohime. We are AIUEOtohime. Yay! Great! Taro. Welcome to Ryuuguujoo. Welcome. いらっしゃいませ Thank you for having me. おじゃまします First we are going to play a mimic game song. You are going to mimic the items in my song. Okay? I got it! Let's do it! Now let's start a mimic game. AIUEO song Melted. Got job. Blast off! -Yay! We did it! -Taro. Good job! It was fun! What we are going to next? Let's do Shiritori game. Then let's go to the Shiritori hall. Let's hurry. Now let's start. You go first. No no no. Not me. Nobita, please. Okay! I am excited! The very first one is Nobita ん was at the end. Jaian lost it. I was thinking of Tamago gohan. You are such a glutton. Hiragana practice. Read names. What should I learn first? Nobita. Why don't you start with a name of an item? I see. Let's learn names of the items in the house. Now, Tsutomu and Kanae. Can you tell? It's easy. Things you use when you study- -Good! Keep it up! -Next, we use it when you sit down. -That's right! -What's on Tsukue is You are great! How about these? I use them all the time. Well, that one is... -You knew it. -I love coloring. -That's right. -Then... We use this when I cut things. You did it so well! You both know it so well. Then, how about this room? So easy. I use this when I go to sleep. The one on the top is... Next one is to put your clothes. た for たんす is the same as た for くつした. Good job! Let's go to the kitchen. There are all kinds of things in the kitchen. That's my favorite. Correct! That's の for のびた Then, Nori is on top of... Next, we use this to boil water. You both know it so well. Nobita, let's go outside next. Sure, let's go. That is... Amazing! -Stores are lined up. -Let's visit the stores. Do you know what store this is? I know it. Let's go see what they are selling. -That's tako. -I want to eat Takoyaki. -I have never seen a fish like this. -It's very delicious. い for いか and い for いわし are the same. Let's go to the next store. What store is this? Well, It's a vegetable store. All kinds of fruits and vegetables are there. -It so yummy when baked. -I'm getting hungry. Nobita, you are a glutton. Now, what is the next store? So many pretty flowers. You both did very well!

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ドラえもん アニメ 日本語

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