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The Heart of the Matter Class #1 : karen berg weekly message ego for sharing

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You know, sometimes in the classes we've heard "you have to kill your ego, you have to kill your ego" you know, " you have to take yourself down" And the answer is I don’t know if we have to kill it, we may have to divert it a little meaning, when we say you have to kill the ego it’s the person who thinks that God gave him all the gifts in the world and everybody else is around to serve them This is a very serious ego problem, but what we're discussing is, how does one use the ego in a sharing way? I'm sure I won't burden you with the proverb that says, "But he who knows and knows that he knows, is wise, follow him". What does that mean? Is that there are people in the world, that are really good at what they do, if they can take those tools and apply them to other people and teach through them. then that’s a good ego. That’s allowing them that know who they are to be able to channel that part into sharing, into giving to other people. There are all different forms of what we call ego. And all of which are not bad if we had no ego we would have no motivation, we'd have no reason to go forward, there's a difference between motivation to go forward to build a better life, to help other people than to say; "Out of my way Joe I'm walking through". There are two separate parts here and it’s the first part, the way to develop the ego so that we can take our finest traits and share them with others, is the part that we need to work on. Just remember, every time you remember that those things that are "you", and those things of which you've accomplished were given to you for a job on this earth. Each one of us is the teacher and each one of us is the student. If we can take that message and say, "who am I trying to become?" am I trying to become a better human being so that I can share more, that I can give something of myself or is it just because I believe that I was born just because I was born, to be this great super person and other people are subservient? Nobody is really subservient to the other It's just different roles, in different places in our process towards our tikun, towards our correction and if we think of it that way It's pretty difficult to have a huge ego.

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