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Chazown - 2

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The first area that we're going to explore to help you discover your Chazown, is your past experiences. That's why I'm in what's known as the pit of my old fraternity house, the Lambda Chi Alpha House. This is actually the way it looked right when we walked in, which is very similar to the way it looked 20 years ago or so when I was here. It was in this very room that I started seeking Christ and very close to this room that I surrendered my life to Christ. Today, I want to talk to you about how your past experiences can actually be a key to unlock your Chazown. I don't know if you ever have an old key sitting around somewhere in your house. I've got a bowl full of old keys, paper clips, and teeth that my children have lost. A key may not be just something that unlocks a door or a padlock, but your past experiences could be a key that helps unlock the vision that you have for your whole life. Unlock your Chazown. Romans 8:28 tells us that we know that in all things God works together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. The great thing about all things, is they pretty much include all things. As you look back in your past, you may see some good things, some not so good things, some incredibly painful things, some things that you wish had never happened, or perhaps some things that you haven't even thought about for years. But, as you look back over your past and see how God is actually working in them, your past experiences could be keys that help unlock understanding for your Chazown. That's what we want to talk about today. So to help you begin to see God's Chazown, what we are going to do is we are going to create a personal time-line. We are going to look back through our lives and create a time-line so that we can see maybe a pattern of how God was working and how the past actually could influence our future. What we are going to do is three specific things to help create a time-line that would give you insight into your Chazown, God's vision for your life. The first thing that we want to do is this; you are going to want to identify the people, the events, or the circumstances that have most affected the direction of your life. The people, the events, or the circumstances. There may be key players in your life; relationships, mentors, a coach, a parent, a friend, people who spoke into your life. There could have been a school that you went to, an experience you had at sometime when you succeeded, or sometime when you failed. Maybe something very positive had happened, or maybe sometime when you were rejected. Maybe when you tried for the job and you got it, or perhaps you tried for the job and you didn't get it. We are going to look through our past and find those key experiences and those people who helped propel us to where we are today. For example, it's this very room in fact, that I was initiated in the fraternity. It's in this very room that I did some things that probably weren't pleasing to God, and it's in this very room that when I got into big trouble, and our fraternity got into big trouble, I launched a Bible study. One week the Bible study was so full and even though I was studying the Bible, I was not a follower of Christ. This room was so full and I felt so much that God's presence was real that I climbed out a window, went across the street and actually prayed in the middle of a softball field and asked Jesus if He was real to take over in my life. As I look back through my past, I can see all of these different events leading up to the moment that I surrendered my life to Christ. It's in this very house that I'm just overcome with emotion as I think about the good times, as I think about the bad times, and I think about the way God was directing me toward my Chazown to do what I'm doing today. I bet the same thing is true for you. As you look back through your past, you'll find some very positive events, or some events you may say, I really wish those didn't happen. But as you look at the past, your past could be a key that unlocks the vision for the future. Next, you are going to organize your life into different chapters. There's a very helpful exercise, as you look back over your past, chances are pretty good that you can group your life into perhaps three or five different major chapters or themes or seasons. In my life, I can see the time where I was really focused on sports. I can see the time when I was really lost and wandering. I can see the time when God was drawing me to Christ. I can see the times when God was developing me as a leader. Look back over your life and let's group it into different chapters that will help propel us forward. The third thing that I will ask you to do is this: You are going to clarify the themes and the lessons that you learned from your time-line. And this is so important as you look back and look at the chapters and look at the experiences, and look at the events, what I want you to do is clarify the themes of what God is showing you as you look at your past. As you do create your personal time-line, I want to encourage you not to be afraid to look at the more painful things. In fact, there are so many people today, that their Chazown is actually born out of painful experiences. I know one particular person who was molested and now this person really feels that his Chazown is to help people who have been through similar things. God took a painful event and used it for good so this person could help other people. It was when our fraternity got in big trouble and we were about to get kicked off campus and I got caught stealing, I got caught cheating on my girlfriend, and I had a lot of people turn against me because of my sinful behaviors. It was through that pain that it helped bring me to Christ. Don't be afraid to look at the painful events, because it's often out of pain that God's Chazown can be born. My prayer is that God will give you eyes to see what He wants to say through your past. I don't know if you've ever been to a place where they have what they call a magic eye, it's one of those pictures with a bazillion different colors and they say that if you look through the colors you can actually see a 3D image that appears. For years I could never do that. Finally, one day I was at a place and I was just determined, I'm going to stay here and if I die, I'm going to stay here until I die and see the 3D images! And my friend said, Just look through the image, just lose yourself in it! And that's what I started to do and finally at one moment, the most powerful 3D image of these dolphins jumped off of the picture and I went, I see it! And then I budged and then I lost it forever, never saw it again! But for a moment I did see it! And here is my encouragement to you: As you look back through your past, as you look at some keys of experiences that God either caused or maybe allowed, chances are pretty good the different chapters and themes of your life will point to a Chazown. What has God been doing in your past? How has He been preparing you for your future? God never wastes a hurt and He works in all things to bring about good for those who love Him. As you look at your past, the good news is, you won't end up just somewhere, you'll end up somewhere on purpose.

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Chazown Experience 2 - Craig Groeschel -

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