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Example of Bread of Shame Let's go and understand a little bit better how it can be related to us in our lives. Let's look at some illustrations. There's a story I want to share with you. There's a father who owns billions worth of business. And, he has a son. He wants his son to take over the business, to run the family business. But his son decides he doesn't want to do that. He wants to go and work for his money. To earn his life, to earn his living by himself. So he goes on, he looks for a job, a simple job, just takes any job in a company, and he starts to work his way up. After a year or so, he decided to inject more energy into his work. He decides to put in more effort. He will take more responsibility, and will bring more positive energy into this work he is doing. Now, after awhile, he gets a phone call from his manager. The manager tells him, "Listen, the big boss wants to talk to you." He's worried in the beginning, but he runs up to the office of the big boss. There he is. The big boss looks into his eyes and says, "Listen, you are working so hard. I want you to be partners with me at this job. I want you to run this business with me, together. Imagine the joy, imagine the happiness, the excitement, that this boy had at that very moment. This is what he was waiting for, isn't it? He wanted to work by himself on his way up, build his career, and to earn his living. Now he is there. He is going to be partners with the big boss running this huge business. So out of excitement, he runs out of the office and he wants to tell all his friends. And he realized that he left his phone in the big boss' office. So he goes back to pick up his phone and before entering the room, he can hear the boss talking on the phone. And he listens, and he can hear the boss talking. Listen, Mr. So and So, I just had a conversation with your son, and I made him my partner in the business as we agreed, and now it's time for you to fulfill your part of our agreement. Imagine now, what happens to that boy. How does he feel at that very moment? All his excitement is gone. All his fulfillment, all his joy. He feels maybe embarrassed. Maybe he feels frustrated or angry. What happened to him? What happened in that story? Didn't he receive everything he wanted? He wanted to work all by himself up, to earn his own life and money. And now he's running this company together with the big boss. He has everything he dreamt of receiving. So, what happened? There's only one thing, he realized. He is not the cause for his success. That's it. In that very moment, all the energy got depleted. Everything was gone. All the excitement. It's the Bread of Shame that depletes the energy. Bread of Shame is that notion within us that limits our fulfillment. Most of the people don't even realize that the reason we are sometimes not fulfilled, or don't feel satisfied is because of Bread of Shame. Because we're not earning our fulfillment. So on the next level, we want to continue our journey together and find out, what is it we can do to remove the Bread of Shame from our lives. And, how can we identify that Bread of Shame in our personal lives? Stay Tuned.

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