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[UPWORTHY] Here, in Upworthy, we know stories about important stuff can be great stories, like this one about a dad empowering his daughter. Raising a really strong, confident woman is super important for me. And making sure she's got great role models but also being a great role model is a primary goal, I guess. [laughs] But do you know our story? A short while back, you might have noticed that with every new meme, viral video and common thread, the content dominating your feed was becoming less and less—well—meaningful. And the Internet, with all its potential to connect us with the things that matter, was actually distracting us with the stuff that didn't. Then Upworthy came along with a theory. We knew meaningful stories were out there and people wanted to see them. So we searched every corner of the Internet, found the best stuff, and applied a bit of data, science, and intuition to help it get noticed. I served my great country, and I came home and this is my passion. I don't want my son to look at me like I'm something less because I have to work for $7.25. And I bust my butt every day and I take pride in what I do, gentlemen. [applause] People started sharing these meaningful stories like crazy. We knew it. Stories about important things can get tons of attention. Meaningful stories help people feel better, hopeful, and more connected to others. And that makes a difference. Like when Upworthy brought massive attention to this story, one of our viewers said it literally saved his life. Upworthy stories can open hearts and change minds. And when people share meaningful, upworthy experiences lots of good happens. Over time, Upworthy learned so much about how to tell great stories that we not only shared them, we stared to make our own. More and more meaningful, important—well—upworthy stories were getting the attention they deserved, helping us feel, changing perspectives, generating hope, and connecting us. And the closer we feel, the bigger difference we can make. Because, when you think about it, we're all part of the same story.

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