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la tiny y la loca

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tiny y la loca was a whole different story Yeah, they had the feathered hair and they sprayed it real nice with the aquanet. You had to have the black orchid lipstick and then you had to put the eyeliner in a certain way you either had a small bottom or a crease you had the penel tens* , the t shirt the big hoop earings, before Selena Before dr. dre and the loweriders and that style Go back to the Mission in the 80s, late 70's early 80's that's all our style, The mission cultaral center's new show takes us back to when the Tiny Locas were the coolest girls in the Mission. These are social scenes that intercepted at the time The Tiny Locas, these UNI Dances and the Lowrider scene This show is a little slice of the San Francisco history from 1980 to 1986. It was my father's birthday, so my mom had people over everybody is getting ready My friend over there, doesn't show but she was ironing and we always had to wait for her, because she was ironing her clothes so we were just like while she is ironing, let's take a picture and we got this quick group picture At that time, you couldn't be out but these are the girls that I admire My brother dated a couple of the girls and brought them over to the house and i was like oh wow, there's a Tiny Loca in the house I hope it makes people reminisce and get happy and remember a time when we were young and having a good time when we were the Mission 'cause now I still live here and it's a whole different world I really do believe we oppose gentrification we are the survivers of that and the posters, the photos, films we are showing are the archives of people surviving How does it feel? I can't say, but I'm still a Tiny Loca. we all are

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Posted by: missionlocal on Mar 3, 2010

la tiny y la loca

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