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Where will I be After Death? Sadhguru

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You want to know where you will be after death? Okay See Prasanna, some things you know best only by experience Are you ready? Now you leave the planet to me. Are you ready to experience, huh? We must open this glass pane right now. You are not conscious. So where is the question of consciousness? Who told you you are conscious? You are speaking. But, it is not making any sense to anybody. If somebody starts talking, talking, talking... and they don't know what they are talking, we will assume that they are unconscious, isn't it? OK. I know the question. But I want you to get to know the depth of the question. You are asking the question, without knowing what you are questioning When you ask, "what is going to happen after death?"... It is not a curiosity question. It is not an entertainment question. You are asking "What is my destiny?". What is the source of "Who I am?", is n't it? I know why you are asking.Okay. Because all those things that you read and you did not understand.. those things have messed you badly.. I know that's why you are asking. But, let me look at this. Now, I want to know what is happening beyond this body. Is it a small question? You are asking "What is the source of Who I am?". "Who is me?" That is what you are asking. If you do not know who is you, and if you know that you don't know who you are, there must be a tearing pain within you, isn't it? You are existing here without knowing who you are must be a terrible thing, isn't it? You have not realized the immensity of the question You don't know, if you cry with this question, if you roll on the floor with this question, if tears are the only way you can ask this question... there would be an answer. Now, the way you are asking the question, you have not realized the immensity of the question. Whatever I say, already you have some conclusions from the scriptures. Is n't it? You have. I know Now if I say something, anyway, you will get into more of such nonsense. Now, you are coming with the scriptures and saying all these things Now you will say more foolish things, because this you cannot know because I tell you something. If you know the pain of not knowing, then I can make you know it. If you still did not know the pain of not knowing, me telling you after your death your soul will go and sit on top of this building... not going to liberate you in any way, is n't it? Is n't it, so? Fairy tale it is. Now I am telling you, Do you want a story or do you want to know it? Say yes or no. Do you want to know it or do you want a story about it? Seeker: I want to know in a way I can understand. May be you cannot understand, you can only experience it. Are you willing to experience it? I am not going to kill you. Don' worry. I am not thinking on those lines. But, Are you willing to experience? So if you are willing to experience, how much of your life are you willing to give to make this happen to yourself? Now, just to learn the alphabet a-b-c, just to learn to read and write, just to learn to, may be, write software.. how many years did you invest? 20 years? Seeker: It is not the question of.. It is the question of implementing the knowledge and intelligence... But it (intelligence) should be there right? See.. How many years have you invested in just learning to read, write and earn a living? How many years? 20 years of education? Yes. For something as simple as survival, just to earn your food and living, 20 years you have invested and you are still investing further, is n't it? To know the very source of who you are, to know what is the basis of your creation, how much time are you willing to invest? You think about that. You tell me. Then I will tell you whether it is possible or not. To put proper inputs to just write software for a dumb computer, it took 20 years. To go beyond all your limitations and know the very source of who you are, how much time are you willing to invest to get the proper inputs I am asking See, I want you to understand what is your reality right now. Don't just bull shit yourself. Is n't it? I am not saying you got to come or don't come. But you must know where you belong. You don't believe all kinds of nonsense about yourself. The most important thing in your life is, even if you can't afford to be straight with anybody in the world, at least with this one person, you must be straight, is n't it? This is something that you owe to yourself, every human being. If you don't do this, your life is definitely a tragedy. It doesn't matter what is happening with it or not happening with it. If you don't know how to be straight to yourself, you have wasted your life, before you live it. Before it starts, its over. Is n't it? So, please just wanted to look at it. Right now, you are asking big questions. I am talking about a possibility. The reason... the reason why something which is just the natural fruit of life.. What you call as enlightenment? If you allow yourself, if you allow life to happen to you, in its utmost possibility, it is a natural fruit, its a natural flowering. It is not something that you are doing to deviate your life to some other point. It is a natural process of reaching there. Inspite of that, why it is happening to a large number of people, why it doesn't happen at all except for few individuals in the world, is simply because of this. Because we are not straight with it. We don't even know whether we are willing to go for it or not. Is n't it? It's not happened, not because it is difficult. It has not happened because you are not willing to give your self to it. Thats all.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru where he goes after death. Sadhguru explains that revealing such things will not liberate you, it will only confuse you. (SaO15)

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