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Trouble with the Curve (2012)

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[knocking] Gus? You home? (Gus) No! (Pete) I guess that means I can come in. (Gus) Dammit. Son of a b--- (Pete) Some new kind of style I'm not up on? It's feng shmay. Don't you know anything? (Pete) Gus is one of the best scouts baseball has ever seen. The guy that signed Dusty Baker, Dale Murphy, Tom Blabbin. Gus Lobo! (Gus) What are you fellas starin' at? I'm not a pole dancer. Welcome to the partnership committee. (Mickey) I want this. You'd be the only woman. (Mickey) My father is a baseball scout. I grew up around men who swore, drank and and farted. (Gus) Gimme a damn check! Trust me, I can handle it. (Mickey) You need to meet with a specialist. How are you going to scout this guy, if your eyes aren't right? (Gus) I don't need your help. I don't know why you don't just go home. (Mickey) Because I feel this dysfunctional sense of responsibility, to make sure that you're okay. (man offscreen) How old was Mickey, when, uh... (Gus) Her mother died. 6. (man) How did you handle all that by yourself? (Gus) I didn't. (Mickey) You sent me away. Only a coward leaves their kid. You don't know half of what you think you do. ♪ Just know you're not alone ♪ (man) Hey, you wanna dance? (Mickey) Not really. (man) One dance. It wouldn't hurt anything. (Gus) Get out of here before I have a heart attack trying to kill you! What do you think about dinner? (Mickey) You mean together? That's a little forward, don't ya' think? But yeah, if you're asking me out, I accept. (man 1) The draft's in 9 days. I don't want any surprises. (man 1) Gus is struggling. (Pete) He's gonna be out of a job. (Gus) I'm just a broken down old man. You ought to get as far away from me as you can. (man 1) The game's changed. Gus couldn't even turn on a typewriter, let alone a computer. (Gus) You don't know anything about the game. A computer can't tell if a kid's got instincts. You know too much about baseball to be a lawyer. (Mickey) It's a long story. I'd like to hear it. (Mickey) I don't want to tell it. Are you comin' in? (Mickey) You are crazy! (Gus) I just didn't want you to have life in the cheap seats, that's all. They weren't the cheap seats. Spending every waking moment with my Dad watching baseball. Those were the best seats in the house. (Gus) You're still single, aren't ya? (guy) Maybe you are emotionally unavailable. Who are you, Dr. Phil? Hey, that is quality television. (Gus) Yeah. [Captions by]

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